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Matthew Pineda | Writer & Podcaster


Matthew Pineda is a recent graduate from the University of North Texas. He received his first bachelor’s degree in English with a concentration in creative writing and his second bachelor’s degree in Media Arts. Making playlists, personal mixes, discovering music, and experiencing live performances are some of my favorite hobbies. He’s open to listening to all genres of music, but mainly alternates between hip-hop/rap, indie/alternative, and lo-fi hip-hop and bedroom pop instrumentals. He has always expressed more of an interest in studying contemporary and local artists since there are always new sounds, perspectives, and stories people are always wanting to tell but feel upcoming artists could get tangled within the massive wave of new media and information. Within the last year, he has experimented and collaborated with making music and sounds for short films. He hopes to continue to expand his writing within all genres and explore more audio cinematic experiences for listeners. 

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