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New Single: "500 Degrees" by Zayland ft. Dee Gatti

Motivational Muses Review | by Matthew Pineda

Released on: July 10, 2020

Cover Artwork by: Joaquín | Desfordesiree

Zayland’s second follow-up single “500 Degrees” featuring DFW-based artist Dee Gatti and producer Larce from his upcoming project From Texas, With Love explores moving past complicated feelings and breaking away from false intimacy.

Both Zayland and Larce partner on production to lead the listener with hypnotizing melodic guitar strings that resonate over Zayland’s faded dialogue to a closing door to ask someone, “That’s how you feeling?” Dee Gatti pops in with the hook when the drums align with the continuous melodic guitar strings, giving a direct command for not wanting to be involved with anyone or any form of intimacy.

“Not the one to be fucked with / Fuck how you feelin’, Fuck that love shit / No I can’t give you bitches nothing (no no), Cause I know they can’t be trusted.” Dee Gatti introduces a new perspective that strays away from the previous theme on “Let’s Go,” where Zayland introduced the listener to a strong want for false intimacy. Dee Gatti expresses these feelings further to not only show their feelings, but Zayland’s progression of feelings from his previous counter with a past lover in the night life versus a more distant, clear state of mind Zayland expresses throughout the track.

Zayland directly acknowledges his own feelings from a previous relationship and expresses his current state of separation. “I don’t need no one, I did this my way, Don’t go and talk like we cool… You weren’t there when I needed you, you left me too / It got bad you ain’t had my back, Like you said you’d do / You been talking a lot you thru, Ain’t no we it’s just me and you.” Zayland expresses his thoughts with more clarity, breaking away from someone who wasn’t there to support him in his time of need. The focus on separation shows the progression of Zayland’s want for a real connection to the want for more distance and time for self-care.

The subtle synths that Larce implemented with Zayland and Dee Gatti’s adlibs throughout the track added a more atmospheric, wavy sound that complimented both artists singing in a very effective way. The melodic guitar strings added an intimate vibrations to the listening experience throughout as well, making this my favorite collaboration from both artists.

Listen to “500 Degrees” on all music streaming platforms. Stay tuned for Zayland’s last upcoming new single “St. Thomas” featuring DFW-based indie pop band, Luna Luna. You can also check out Dee Gatti’s latest single “I.J.S. (I’m Just Sayin’) on all music steaming platforms.

Zayland’s upcoming project From Texas, With Love releases on Friday, July 24th.

Make sure to follow Zayland, Dee Gatti and Larce on all of their social media to stay updated on all future projects.


Zayland is a Hip-Hop artist from Dallas, Texas.


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