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Join the Team

Are you passionate about music and want to gain experience writing for a music publication?  Consider applying for a position on the writing or podcast team. 

Writing Team Responsibilities: 

 1).  Help construct  music reviews and written features for the publication. 

- Writers will be required to conduct email or phone interviews for any feature they are assigned. You will be able to communicate with publicists about the best option for you and the artist. 


2). Communicate effectively with artist publicists or management to schedule interviews. 

Podcast Team Responsibilities: 

1). Work alongside editor and publicists to schedule either an Instagram Live or video call interview with an artist. Be prepared to file all interviews on a podcast schedule spreadsheet. 

2). Please have some sort of microphone (nothing overly fancy) to ensure high quality audio. 

3). Submit all audio to the Anchor account. 



1). Communicate with editor about any issues. - We can work something out but if I do not know I cannot help!


2). Respect deadlines. - Remember this should be seen as a job. Deadlines are not optional!


3). Share your love of music with others and enjoy every moment of it! - This is for you to build your experience in the music journalism world and should be a memorable and impactful experience.

Please note all Motivational Muses positions are  unpaid.  


To Apply:

Either fill out the application form on this page.


Or send an email to Anastasia Logan at  


Make sure to include your name, position you're interested in, email, prior work samples (if you have any) , your Instagram and Twitter handle and why you would like to join the team.

Looking forward to hearing from you!

Your details were sent successfully!

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