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Motivational Muses was founded in May 2018  by editor Anastasia Logan, with a sole focus of boosting young independent musicians and sharing their musical journey with others. These artists were highlighted with in-depth features to allow the audience to connect with them and their music. Over time as the publication began to gain traction it was obvious that the time had come to expand the coverage to more than just sporadic features. Since then music reviews and a new podcast, Meet the Muses, diversified the coverage sector of this publication. None of this would be possible without the passionate staff who contribute their talents to aid in music discovery. Our hope is to continue providing coverage to the latest and greatest in the music world for many years come. 


The musical world is full of young talent just waiting to be discovered. Our hope and goal is to be able to connect with musicians to understand more about the musical journey. By making connections and sharing their stories we hope that everyone can appreciate the hard work and dedication that many commit to make their music come alive. In our humble opinion, there is nothing more exciting in life than discovering a new favorite artist or band. Through Motivational Muses we hope to challenge others to step out of their musical comfort zone and help shine a light on the fresh sounds of the music industry.

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