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New EP: "Work in Progress" by Brave Days

Motivational Muses Review | by Matthew Pineda

Released on: May 30, 2020

Cover Artwork by: Danny Laake

Brave Days, the Dallas-based Christian punk rock band, bring forth a new wave, post-punk sound and journey in their new EP Work in Progress. The collective invites their audience to engage in a journey with stories of hardships, life lessons, relationships with people, and building relationship with God, hence the title of the project and self-titled track “Work in Progress.”

The first track “Luminous Beings Are We” reveals itself with soft piano keys and long strumming guitar chords with distant voices growing louder. “Realizing potential, understanding grace… We’re orphans without anything but our name.” The way these lyrics are shouted are very reminiscent of emo rock that creates a sense of hope for the listener.

The following track “Cloudy Eyes” brings much higher aggressive energy to the project, focusing on a reflective narrative with a relationship layered in habits and hope. “Ring by Spring” continues this story of this complicated relationship, with the vocalist revealing honesty and focusing on the rediscovering of oneself. Brave Days highlight the peace of mind of the vocalist, but not losing hope for that person they have a relationship with.

“Sound Waves” is a confession of finding love in their complicated relationship’s voice. The vocalist comments about how they’re ultimately not meeting them halfway and not putting an effort into maintaining that relationship, causing them to lose memory of who they were. “God Save the Greed” comments more on the state of violence and power in the country and wanting to find the right way through peace and love. The aggressive punk rock nature continues to build as we continue on in the project with fast-paced drums, fast stringing guitars, and raspy screams. Brave Days builds to create an adrenaline-pumping life discovering journey.

“Burning Bush Youth Group” constantly shifts between soft and hard rock, creating this imbalance of sound that reflect the narrative of this relationship in an engaging way. Super melodic aggression that heighten the project to lead the end of the track with the lead vocalist commenting on their relationships attack on love, ultimate causing them to be conflicted.

“Work in Progress” follows the aftermath with a reflective moment of disappointment but acceptance, revealing for themselves to be a work in progress with their own faith to God. Brave Days’ build up for the end track reveal to mirror the signs of hope from the opening track, showing the listener that life and relationships will continue to be a work in progress.

Work in Progress is an energetic and transformative listening experience. Brave Days establishes themselves within a contemporary punk rock sound that pays homage to the genre. Listen to Work in Progress today and follow Brave Days on all social media to stay updated with their upcoming projects.


Brave Days are a punk rock band from Dallas, Texas.


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