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New Single: "Let's Go" by Zayland ft. Randy Class

Motivational Muses Review | by Matthew Pineda

Released on: July 3, 2020

Cover Artwork and Lyric Video by: desfordesiree

Texas-based artist Zayland leads his upcoming project From Texas, With Love with the first of three singles, “Let’s Go” featuring artist Randy Class and producer Big Tex Johnny for a hybrid hip-hop Texas jewel.

Big Tex Johnny leads the listener to ride the 808 drums and subtle guitar strums that creates a consistent bounce and warm, funky rhythm throughout the track. Zayland delivers an energetic verse and hook that compliments the track with warmth as he shares his want of temporary thrills but also want of an intimate loving connection from a woman in the night life. “I just wanna float with you, just one night in love with you.”

Zayland comments on the immediacy and false connectivity the night life could influence on someone’s decision making with temptations of sex, money, and false intimacy. Randy Class delivers an eccentric verse in Spanish that further reflects interests and intimacy. “Si quiere ven pásate la noche, cuando quiera yo la llamo y me responde, ya vi como lo mueves un arte”. Class comments on the woman’s movement being art, and his interest and longing for love extends the want for connection and intimacy. This creates a continuous cycle every time he calls her, the night, she responds.

What I enjoyed the most was the surprise Spanish rap verse from Randy Class, which I thought complimented the track in a more diverse way with integrating dancehall and pop elements. Zayland and Randy Class delivered toasty, melodic verses on Big Tex Johnny’s warm, bouncy production.

Give “Let’s Go” a listen on all music streaming platforms and check out the accompanying lyric video. Make sure to follow Zayland, Randy Class and Big Tex Johnny on all of their social media to stay updated on all of their upcoming projects.


Zayland is a Hip-Hop artist from Dallas, Texas.


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