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New Single: "Somebody" by Lycio

Motivational Muses Review | by Matthew Pineda

Released on: May 1, 2020

One of the most recent mesmerizing tracks in my pursuit for discovering new music goes to, "Somebody" the new single from Lycio, an alternative pop trio. Lycio brings a warm and steady energy with this new track, creating a good feeling sound and flow that stands out from all the rest.

Long warm bass and synths lead the listener in before lead vocalist Genie Mendez pops in with their echoing lyrics and resonating hook, generating an alternative future pop sound: “Be alright / I’m not somebody, I’m not somebody (Someone you love).”

Mendez’ angelic voice is backed with keyboardist Charlie Kellie’s single piano and gentle tambourine, allowing the Mendez to shine and unhinge themselves from the electronic space to a brief moment of human connectivity with the listener.

As the track blends back into the electronic realm with shifting low and high filtered synths, drummer Alex Lowe adds steady rhythm and clashes that continue to complement the sound of Kellie’s consistent keys in the second half of the song.

This ultimately allows the listener an enhancing experience of the genre hybridity Lycio brings to the forefront of the new wave alt-pop/electronic sound in the climax. "Somebody" concludes with Kellie’s piano and Mendez’ hypnotizing vocals fading from existence.

Their future alt-pop sound and visual aesthetic from their cover art make me more excited to see what Lycio has in store for this year. Lycio contributes an engaging aesthetic for the genre and hope to see their sound evolve further beyond. Also consider listening to Lycio’s previous single “Nightfall” to dive deeper in the new wave sound on Spotify.

Make sure to follow Lycio on all social media to stay updated on future projects. For those who want to learn more about Lycio feel free to do so here.


Lycio are an alternative pop trip from Birmingham, UK.


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