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New Single: "Show-Me-State" by Sadie Hart

Motivational Muses Review | by Anastasia Logan

Released on: June 30, 2019

Cover Artwork by: Kira Hooks

Actions speak louder than words and Sadie Hart is making that message crystal clear with her new single, "Show-Me-State." For those who enjoy a nod to the past, this single incorporates nostalgic sounds and vocals styles, yet still fits in to today's modern era. Starting slow, the pace and dynamic shifts to introduce an upbeat sound. Vocals add a layer of soul to the track and aids in the nostalgic sound which is a landmark for Sadie Hart. Anyone who considers themselves an "old soul" or love an upbeat track this song is a perfect listen for any sunshiny day.


Sadie Hart is a singer-songwriter from Nashville, Tennessee and works to create a perfect retro sound that sticks with listeners long after the song has finished playing.


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