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New Single: "Just Wait" by Emily Vu

Motivational Muses Review | by Kaltrina Khan

Released on: July 24, 2020

Cover Artwork and Music Video by: Juliana Carpino | Tehillah De Castro | Austin Barbera

"Just Wait” the new glistening pop single by Emily Vu carries a deep message through her soulful voice and lyrics, as she expresses her vulnerability of falling in love again. This track was co-written and produced in partnership with Sir Nolan and SZNS.

In terms of the message, “Just Wait” is based on the concept of being scared to fall for someone new because of the impact of past experiences. Vu explains of the key inspiration behind the track. “I’m asking for them to wait for me and just trust the process." It is inspired by the idea of self-love and truly finding oneself before getting into another serious relationship.

The chorus carries an infectious energy as she delivers her story through light, soulful, instantly captivating vocals that truly express her vulnerability to the situation. The guitar riff – a soothing, melodic stream of notes, glided over atmospheric pop beats, makes this song, at its core, deeply relatable.

What I like about this song is how personal it is, Vu is brave enough to open up about her own fears, saying “I always feel the worst/Just so used to being pushed away…So hey, just wait for me." This song feels like a direct message to a romantic interest – an alternative way to express what usually never gets said in person.

The accompanying music video, produced by SixTwentySix productions, is flavoured with a beautiful and subtly romantic touch, as each woman that surrounds the pop singer represents a past relationship and how she carries those experiences and lessons through life. This music video would not have been possible without director Juliana Carpino, cinematographer Tehillah De Castro and executive producer Austin Barbera.

Don’t wait to listen to this song, tune into it today on all music streaming platforms and follow Emily Vu on social media platforms to stay updated on all upcoming projects.


Emily Vu is a pop artist from Garden Grove, California.


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