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New Single: "Young Fangs" by SLOWTRIP

Motivational Muses Review | by Matthew Pineda

Released on: May 8, 2020

Steadily rock into the summer season with “Young Fangs,” the new single from L.A-based rock band, SLOWTRIP. This haunting punk rock sound will entrance listeners and motivate them to play the track on repeat.

“Stare out through the window” are the first lyrics over punchy guitar chords, immediately followed by a beat drop then banging drums and cymbals that bring the track all together. SLOWTRIP identifies their music as “L.A. crunch rock,” drawing influences from sounds of grunge, shoegaze, and stoner rock. This hybrid genre creates a unique experience for the listener throughout the song with pockets of ambient guitar chords, distant low-filtered singing, and slow drums contrasted with crunchy, haunting vocals, fast drums and guitars.

I enjoyed the raw energy and emotion the lead vocalist delivered. Alongside lyrics of reflection that sound like an epic step through a hero’s journey. The beginning of the hook starting with “I hear the voices in my head” is infectious and packs a punch.

SLOWTRIP’s new wave sound for rock is a dedicated approach to bringing this hybrid genre to the forefront of the L.A. music scene and into the world. Consider listening to their accompanied track to this release “Fold and Run” for fresh L.A. crunch rock.


SLOWTRIP are a grunge-rock band from Los Angeles, California.


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