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New Single: "In Loving Memory" by First and Forever

Motivational Muses Review | by Matthew Pineda

Released on: May 15, 2020

Emo band trio First and Forever from Scottsdale, Arizona revive emo music in 2020 with their new single, “In Loving Memory.”

“It’s in my head, it’s like a sickness” repeats throughout the song as the drums and guitars continue to pick it up and let it down, creating a continuous journey for the listener to be apart of. “My chest, your knife / I know what’s on your mind” is screamed against this whirlwind of new wave emo sound that sounds very reminiscent of traditional emo sounds from the late 2000s and early 2010s. “Cut me open, Look inside” stands above all the rest. In this continuous battle, the lead vocalist shouts about a found hero lost in their long journey of battling different relationships, ending with the lyrics “I always find my way back in the end.”

I truly enjoyed the energy and feeling First and Forever brought this year because it reminds me of an emo sound that’s a blast from the past in the present. In my head, drawing from the covert art, reminded me of a lost hero who finds hope again.

First and Forever bringing emo sound back into 2020 for a new generation to experience is wonderful. Consider listening to “In Loving Memory” and checking out some of the emo trio’s second latest single, “A Violent Ending.”

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First and Forever are an emo band from Scottsdale, Arizona.


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