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New Single: "Hooked" by Rain on Fridays

Motivational Muses Review | by Zoe Waggitt

Released on: May 8, 2020

San Diego based, self-proclaimed, emo indie rock band, Rain on Fridays have returned with their second release of 2020, the infectious “Hooked”. The band is primarily comprised of lead vocalist Madison Coe and guitarist Jesse Miller, who describe themselves as “two girls who are ready 2 rock.”

Only having been making music for the last year or so, the pair have been welcomed into the local music scene with open arms. An angsty vibe is characteristic of their sound which resonates with many listeners. This track pairs the grit of alt-rock with the melodic sensibilities of pop-punk, and these two elements create a track that displays an unpretentious greatness.

Hooked begins with a gentle sounding introductory guitar riff that is interrupted by one of the most relatable first sentences I think I’ve ever heard: “I wake up f***ed up every morning, nothing changes but the clothes on my back.” See what I mean about teenage angst? I love it. Then the song continues pretty much like that for the next four minutes.

The track holds the same bouncy tone throughout the verses with Coe’s voice being the prominent sound, but this changes as we hit the chorus, and the slightly heavier, pop-punky instrumentals take a hold. As a result of the pandemic we’re in, I can’t tell you the latest Rain on Fridays gig news, but stream “Hooked” today, check out their socials, and be ready for whatever these lovely ladies have for us next.


Rain on Fridays are a female-fronted alternative rock band duo from San Diego, California.


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