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Who is Samantha Iveliz?

Motivational Muses Exclusive Feature | by Anastasia Logan

Photo taken from Instagram. Photo by: @rubaumbick

      Out of The Bronx, New York, this singer/songwriter knows how to pull some heartstrings. With songs brimmed with emotion and an angelic voice, Samantha Iveliz is a blessing to the music community. She starting writing music after her freshmen year of college following a terrible heartbreak. Devastated, she took to music for comfort and  wrote her first song, which opened up a whole new world. Her creativity took over and she realized that writing music was what she was meant to do in her life and nothing was going to stop her. 

      In January of 2018, her first EP Love Record was released focusing on her journey with love. In order these songs outline, being in love, fighting for love, searching for love and finding love. Now I know that not everyone is a huge love song fan but I promise these are different. Need more convincing? Lets just say that I haven't bought music from iTunes in years, but after hearing these songs I immediately bought this EP. That is how amazing these songs are! My personal favorite from this EP is "Father Daughter Dance" and I would definitely play this at my wedding. Fun facts about this EP, lyrics were changed before final vocals and two of these songs were co-written with her producer Kyle Cummings.  Regardless if someone loves love songs or really aren't someone's cup of tea, this EP deserves a listen. 

     While Samantha is still very early in her music career there are still a fair amount of achievements she has reached. First and foremost the release of her EP is a huge deal! Next on the list is her being invited to play at the Lynchstock Music Festival in October. For those who live in Virginia or just want to take a trip to see this music festival go for it! 

      The main challenge faced for Samantha was comparison. By seeing the success of other people in the industry there were doubts about her own journey. But this has only made her more determined to be successful in her own career. She loves making music and nothing is going to stop her from chasing her dream and I support her all the way! 

     Samantha is an amazing singer whose passion will propel her through this musical journey. I can not wait to see what amazing songs she comes out with next. Don't ever get discouraged and keeping going on strong! 

     Keep going! 


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