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Who is Sadie Hart?

Motivational Muses Exclusive Feature | by Anastasia Logan

Photo taken from Instagram. Photo by: @kaylahatcherphotography.

      A self-claimed "wandering soul," Sadie Hart has resided in a multitude of locations but currently is calling Nashville, Tennessee home for the time being but is exploring life out in Los Angles, California.  She has studied in London, England, lived in St. Louis, Missouri, as well as New York and even became a yoga instructor while living in Costa Rica. While yoga is quite a fascinating topic that is not what this post is about, lets take a journey into the start of her musical journey. Music has always been a part of her life in some way. She was inspired to write music at 13 years of age after learning all of the songs written by Jewel on guitar. After that point she allowed her new found love of music to drive her into a never slowing musical journey. 

      Inspired by The Beatles, Everly Bro and Bob Dylan she places her music within the folk family, either as "retro folk rock", which is new to me or just simple folk Americana. Her music is described as, "Carole King meets Elle King meets BB King." That is a lot of royalty if I do say so myself. Of course everyone can create their own opinion, but that is one description to beat! 

       Her first single, "I Am Ready" was released April 16, 2009 and "By Heart" her debut album was released February 12, 2012. Do not stress or fear! Sadie is currently working on finishing up her newest album which is being crowdfunded through Pledge Music where pledgers can choose from a variety of products and meet and greet in order to finish mastering and mixing. She has plans to release a new single entitled, "Dirty Little Secret." After that single is released she will slowly release more starting in November, so we all have that to look forward to! Tour wise, she has recently concluded a "single woman tour" which consisted of herself and her mini tour van. She entitled this tour, "Sadie Goes West" hitting states such as Texas, Arizona, New Mexico and well, western states, concluding in sunny California. From her Instagram I could tell she was having quite the adventure and I hope that this tour was everything she wished it to be. 

      Outside of music Sadie has been actively involved with a "New Moon Women's Circle". This event is quite self-explanatory, every new moon women will gather in order to promote sisterhood and woman positivity. For those who may find themselves interested in attending a circle make sure to follow Sadie on Instagram to be updated where the next circle will be held. 

       Due to being a wandering soul, Sadie has racked up a fair amount of achievements throughout the locations that she has called home since her musical journey began. Back in 2016, Sadie entered into the American Songwriter Magazine lyric contest where she placed fourth for her song, "Dirty Little Secrets". Her lyrics would be published in the Memphis issues of the magazine. Continuing the Tennessee achievement trend, she also preformed at the Bluebird Café in Nashville. One of the most interesting events she ever attended was at SoFar Sound in St. Louis, Missouri where she preformed a "Secret Show". The premise of this event is the artist sets up shop in an uncovental location, for Sadie it was a camping store. That is one way to get out of a comfort zone! 

      Every achievement she reached in her musical journey is marvelous but her greatest achievement is much more personal and influential. Through music Sadie has been able to find herself and discover who she is as a person. She was able to find worth outside of herself and knows all she has to do is believe in herself. Being in a male dominated field has its challenges by being able to look past such obstacles and find herself can arguably be the greatest achievement anyone can reach in their lives. 

      While her musical journey has been rewarding it hasn't been without its fair share of challenges. One of the greatest challenged Sadie has faced was in regard to overcoming fears, specifically, putting herself out there along with her heart and music. There have been shows where the venue did not encase the connection she was hoping for and it can be discouraging. But, these challenges have helped her grow as a musician and as a person in general so I would say they have been a blessing in disguise. 

       The time has come for this blog to be concluded which means fun facts! Alright so Sadie is basically the most kind spirited person I have ever had the honor of meeting. She is working alongside an organization called Thistle Farms in Nashville who sell an assortment of essential oils, teas, soaps and more A portion of their proceeds go to women shelters for those who have been effected by domestic violence and sexual assault. They offer housing, counseling and job training for these women to get their lives back on the right track. Those interested in helping both Sadie and Thistle Farms can go to her Pledge Music, where 5% of proceeds she makes will go to Thistle Farms, so they can continue their work to support women. 

       Sadie Hart is a kindred spirit in every way and form. Her music is incredibly powerful and she is quite the role model. I can not wait for her new album to be released and I hope that she discovers more about herself and her music through this musical journey. 

      Be grateful.


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