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Who is Jacob Lee?

Motivational Muses Exclusive Feature | by Anastasia Logan

Photo taken from Instagram. Photo by: @susan_magnano

     Out of Australia, Jacob Lee is a Singer/Songwriter proving that an artist can be fully independent and completely kill it in the music industry. According to his official website, he has become the only independent Australian artist to be featured on official Spotify playlists, YouTube blogs and commercial radio. 

      He currently has 12 songs released but every single one tells a different story, giving an emotional connection to whoever finds themselves listening. My personal favorite is "Chariot", which was released in 2015 and has become the most listen to song on his Spotify account. Rightfully so, it is beautifully written and quite catchy making it a listen on repeat kind of a song. "Chariot" also appears on Jacob Lee's first EP, Sine Qua Non which was released in 2016. That following year in 2017,  his second EP Clarity was released and featured songs "I Just Know", "Secrets", "So Wrong" and "Breadcrumbs". 

     Going back to Jacob Lee's success as a truly independent artist, he has his very own recording company, Philosophy Records, where singles "Oceans", "Black Sheep", "Cursed" and "Demons" were produced. Philosophy is an album that is slowly being release throughout 2018. Durning this gradual release, production of his next album Prophecy is in the works. While there is no known date now of the completion of Prophecy it will definitely be an album to be anticipated. 

     With the support of fellow artists Jacob Lee has toured his way through multiple countries such as Europe, the United States and his home country of Australia more than once. He currently has a concert planned on August 11 in Gold Coast, QLD, Australia. 

    Jacob Lee one of a kind and may his musical journey continue for many years to come. 

    Journey on. 


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