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Who is Jackson Aide?

Motivational Muses Exclusive Feature | by Anastasia Logan

Photo provided by Jackson Aide

Taking inspiration from wherever it sprouts, Jackson Aide is working to revolutionize the world of music. Currently in Nashville, Tennessee, his interest in music was always present. At a young age he played piano, participated in choir and eventually picked up the guitar. His music works to combine an array of genres, while giving a nod to previous artists, whose influence has helped shaped the music industry. “Folk - Rock - Electric - Pop” is how Aide would describe the sound he is aiming to create. By utilizing a variety of sounds work in his vision of advancing the world of music.

“I don’t see the point of creating something that has been created before.”

Nostalgia is an influential factor for Aide in terms of overall sound and aesthetic of a finished product. Taking these pieces and providing a modern twist is how everything comes together. The creative process starts by taking an idea or circumstance and giving it a soundtrack. Aide has been inspired by the concept of a broken heart. This interpretation has a deeper meaning than what is expressed on the surface.

“I don’t necessarily imply broken from “love”… broken from this world, broken from life, broken from being.”

Constructing a deeper meaning of ideas than what is on the surface is how Aide works to create. While this seems to hold a negative connotation there is a message within this thought process. In short, there is always something to be written about if one takes a pause to find it.

On the topic of music, numerous projects have been undertaken with only a small percentage seeing the light of day. But all having a resounding impact on Aide and his creative process.

Back in 2016, Aide released his debut album, "LOVE" which incorporates storytelling with technical details to create an album for the ages. Poetic construction of verses highlight his writing style and how it adds value to the songs created. Aide and his band have recently completed recording a new EP and plan on releasing it very soon, along with some new videos. No two projects are more important than another. He has unreleased projects that he still visits and hopes to rework them in the future.

"I did a project before LOVE and I'm not sure it will ever see the light of day. It's completely dislocated from what LOVE is. It's this Bob Dylan - esque type record. Acoustic folk protest songs. I love it. I would love to approach it again in the future with the mindset I have now and see how those songs would paint themselves."

Creating these songs are not a simple task as Aide has learned over the years. He has gone through a variety of creative roadblocks, but sees this as an opportunity to challenge himself to make something that is unique to him.

"I just get so bored so easily. I can write something brand new to me, and be happy with it for a day and then I'm completely off to the next thing in my head. Sometimes I stew over songs for weeks. I think its all about how the song presents itself to you. Sometimes they go easy and then sometimes it feels like you are starving yourself for an idea. Wrestling with my own words."

Aide also has a unique perspective when it comes to connecting songs to himself as an individual and uses it as a tool to keep creating music.

"I always have looked as songs the same way I look at old photos. That's not who I am, that is who I used to be."

While an artist can list a number of milestones as an acomplishment, Aide doesn't worry too much about the numbers for him the main accomplishment is being able to create and share his music with others. Seeing how his music as impacted others and having a dream come true is all he could ask for.

"The only achievement that I am completely humbled by is the mere fact that I am able to do this. I am the luckiest person. I had a dream and now its come true. I was a kid dreaming of playing music for people, and that is exactly what I get to do. I am so utterly grateful and humbled by that idea."

Challenges are presented to everyone in a different way and how someone chooses to face those challenges can influence how they live their day to tray life. Aide makes the decision to acknowledge his challenges but not spotlight them as anything different than what other musicians face. He looks at them in a manner of life.

"Life can be simple, but the process is always the same. I never compare myself to who someone else is today....I compare myself to who I was yesterday."

Music can be a teacher to many. For others it becomes a beacon of who they are as an individual. Aide has this exact sentiment with how music has impacted him.

"I know myself because of my art."

Jackson Aide appreciates the details that are involved in creating music that stands apart from the crowd. While sticking to the roots of those who have paved the way. Aide has a unique style that encapsulates the importance of taking chances and creating something that is entirely new.


Advice from Jackson Aide

"Be yourself."


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