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Who are The Unfound?

Motivational Muses Exclusive Feature | by Anastasia Logan

Photo taken from Instagram. Photo by: Andrew Main Oster.

      Hailing from Montreal, Canada, The Unfound are a rock 'n' roll band that describe their sound as emotive, powerful and driving. They credit their influence to iconic bands and musical artists such as: Rush, David Bowie, Queen of the Stone Age and Muse. 

      Formed in 2017, this four piece band consists of brothers Jeremy and Matt Grippo, fellow Canadian, Alberto D'Onofrio and single Brit, Ben Morris. The Unfound formed over a musical bonding moment between Alberto and the Grippo brothers. After playing together in the cold winter weeks these three solidified the sound they wanted then the search for a vocalist began.

     Enter Ben. 

     Surprisingly enough Ben was a lot closer than everyone realized he was. Alberto met him by chance at a work function! Imagine just going through a social event for work, then running into the perfect vocalist that the band needed to be complete! Go Alberto! With the addition of Ben, The Unfound was complete and music creation could begin! 

      Music wise these guys have wrapped up the creation of their first single, "Sooner or Later." They started writing this single in the summer of 2017, wrapped up recording in November and finished mastering in about a month. This whole process was done in an in home studio, which was a unique experience and they are very excited to share this piece with the world. While I can not speak for others I can speak for myself when I say, I absolutely can not wait for this single to drop! "Sooner or Later" has been described as, powerful, danceable, catchy and an encapsulation of The Unfound as a band. 

      A music video has also been produced for this single. The guys teamed up with the cast and crew of Rubicon Productions from Montreal, Canada to create this project. From what I was told this video was shot in rural Quebec, which is cool because I have never been. The weather was brutal. I'm talking 35 degrees Celsius. Which equals roughly 98 degrees Fahrenheit for my United States people. There was mention of baseball bats being involved. From those bits of information alone I think it is safe to say this video is going to be insane! (In a good way of course.) 

      If there is anything I have learned from this blog it is that no matter how young the band, there is no limit of achievements they can rack up. For The Unfound, they have composed numerous original songs and have both the single and video for "Sooner or Later" completed. All in the span of 18 months! The most exciting piece of information in this section has to be, "composed numerous original songs" because that translates to future music to look out for! We all know how I feel about new music! 

Self recording music is a greater challange than many may anticipate.  The greatest challenged faced by The Unfound during the recording process was when to stop. Like any artist adding too much can result in ruining the whole art piece, music is no different. Stepping back and realizing that the song is already finished and it's time to move on is hard to determine. Thankfully with the help of music engineer Christian Reeves Riopel, the guys were able to wrap up production and move on to create their next hit single. 

      Alright it is now the time where we all learn a fun fact about these guys. Everyone ready for this? This is a direct quote so don't get upset with me. Here we go! "We're a transatlantic rock band, three Canadians and one Brit. That probably makes us the politest band in the world." Now now I know that is quite a bold statement to make, but let people have nice things! 

      The Unfound have achieved a far amount in the short time they have been a collective band. Once this new single drops everyone will know and I can't wait to see if there is a possible album for the future! I can't wait to see where "the politest band in the world" goes from here! 

     Persistence is key.  


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