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Who are The Lifers?

Motivational Muses Exclusive Feature | by Anastasia Logan

Photo taken from Instagram. Photo by: @nicolettehoang.

This sister-fronted folk rock band from Guelph, Ontario, are using their nature inspired, driven vocal harmonies to create a dynamic sound that will stand out from the crowd. Anita and Liv have been exposed to music since they were little ones. Their parents were in a local cover band, every Friday night their parents would rehearse while the sisters played dress up and would dance along to the music. If that is not the most precious memory to have as a child I do not know what is! For those who have siblings it is not easy to agree on something as simple as what to watch on television much less to agree to make music together. After tirelessly pursing the idea, Anita decided to sing duets with Liv in their preteen years. One of the first songs these two learned as a duo was "You're Still The One" by Shania Twain. Growing as individual writers and vocalists the two missed singing alongside each other and decided to make music together again, after a temporary separation because education is important. Coming back together, they came up with the name "The Lifers" to describe the passion and commitment they had to their new musical journey. 

      In 2014, Set the Sails their first EP was released. Two years later in 2016, they released their first album, Out and In. In terms of new music, which is what people are really interested in, I got some great news! These talented people have a brand new album that released in this year of 2018, entitled Honey Suite. Let me say something about this new album. It is absolutely phenomenal! Seriously! Every song is different from the next and the instrumental experimentation is just exceptional. My personal favorite from this album has to be "Front Door". The vocals and just honestly everything about this song is marvelous. There are also other incredible songs on their newest album but that one takes home my prize of number one. 

      Out of every album they released Honey Suite is one of their favorite projects to complete. This album had a lot going on behind the scenes to make it incredibly impactful in more ways than one. While making this album they collaborated with females and young artists bringing many people together in order to create such a marvelous album. Environmental this new album has tons of benefits as well. Working alongside a local printing company their album packaging was created using recycled paper and environmental friendly inks. Now I need to get my hands on a physical copy to see for myself how wonderful this packaging is in reality. Overall this album really did take a village to create making it that much more special and unique.  

      In honor of Honey Suite and its release, The Lifers are going on tour! They will be visiting Canada's East Coast and Europe alongside Annie Sumi, who they hope to write an EP with in the future. Some other future plans they have lined up are a tour with just Liv and Anita to the East Coast either in the winter or spring in collaboration with the Via Rail Artists on Board Program. The month of January has been blocked off for "Creation Time" where they plan to dive deep into the world of instrumental experimentation. So there may be some songs in the future that feature banjo, harp, and an interesting device known as an organelle. From everything laid out here, The Lifers have a few tricks up their sleeves and I can not wait!

      Reflection is always a way in which achievements can be measured, but for The Lifers achievements go farther and deep than what they have done. Charting on nation and local radio stations for over 40 weeks is phenomenal. Being nominated for Emerging Artist of the Year by the Canadian Folk Music Awards and winning the Inaugural Website Award held by Folk Music Ontario is remarkable! Yet these events are not how achievement is defined for this group. Creative exploration, mutually enjoyable collaboration, and environmental sustainability are the main areas of commitment and sticking with these factors is the greatest achievement of all. 

      Music and mental health can clash resulting in unforeseen challenges. Anita has experienced an unfair share of anxiety that has impacted performances. Popping up during concerts or studio session, these moments cause her to freeze up and no longer want to continue the task at hand. She shares her journey in the new album, specifically showcased in the song "Sister". Battling anxiety is not simple task. Understanding and communication are vital to make the process easier for all involved. Anita and Liv are finding new ways to work through this challenge day by day. 

      Now is the moment everyone has been waiting for. Or maybe I have just been waiting for it. Anyway. It is time to learn some fun facts about our friend in The Lifers! Anita and Liv are quite interesting individuals. Education wise, Anita is in art school where she studies Sculpture and Installation, alongside Textiles. On top of that, she also designs all of the merch and album covers! Liv has a double major in music and finances! These sisters have also created an all-natural deodorant! Maybe I am the only one who is impressed by this, but hey let me live. 

       This brings a conclusion to this blog post. The Lifers are definitely a revolutionary group, going above and beyond to share their work with others. They are refreshing and I can not wait to see what surprises are in store in the upcoming years! 

      Live life to the fullest! 


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