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Who are Stickup Kid?

Motivational Muses Exclusive Feature | by Anastasia Logan

Photo by Trevor Will

      Formed in 2009 in San Jose, California this five member alternative rock band have been dedicated to creating music that may take some to the early 2000's and that is the opposite of a problem! Just a quick origin story. Stickup Kid was created when bassist, Jonathan McMaster met vocalist, Tony Geravesh at a local show and came to the rescue when the bass player for Tony's group was a no show. After that experience Jonathan decided to team up with Tony and thus Stickup Kid was born! 

      For those wanting an incredibly specific description of their style, Jonathan McMaster stated Stickup Kid's style as"Jimmy Eat World meets Saves the Day with a splash of Modest Mouse and a hint of Lifetime".  With such a elaborate description, who wouldn't want to listen to what these guys have been working on? 

      Before there can be a discussion of what is coming one must be informed of what has already been created. Sincerest Form of Flattery was the first full length album released in 2011. A quick search in YouTube will lead curious minds to the start of their journey.  For those who like to be fancy and prefer a physical copy, this album is available also on vinyl! In 2012 they released their  album Nothing About Me  followed by Future Fire in 2013. Their latest digital EP Debris was released in 2016, only features three songs, but are worth the listen. All of these albums are available on Spotify for all to enjoy.  

     For those who may be wondering, "when are they coming out with new music?" well I was getting to that part. They have recently finished filming a new music video for a new song that is coming soon. I really need to start asking about specific release dates! But that is not the point of this post. Once this new song is released just know everyone will eventually know and that is what's important here. Moving on! 

      How does a summer tour sound? Personally i think it sounds like a great way to spend the summer and that is exactly what Stickup Kid is providing for many! In the months of June and July, they are going to be touring with Belmont and Rarity they kick of this tour on June 24th in Detroit, Michigan. Then in August they continue the music fun by touring with Sundressed, which will kick off August 14th in Bakersfield, California.  For specific dates and locations go to their Instagram page and catch these guys when they are on the road. 

      Who is ready for some interesting facts and career achievements? Anyone? No? Well too bad because here they are! These guys were able to play with the one and only Green Day! That is so freaking incredible I wish I could play with them some day. They also played in Japan to a lovely and supportive crowd, which is always an exciting time. One summer they even won $500 worth of Taco Bell gift cards through Feed the Beast. I mean come on! Who doesn't love some free food? The feat of visiting all 50 states was recently completed with a current trip to Alaska. A huge round of applause because that is amazing! Remembering song titles can be difficult but there is a solution to that problem! That solution is...creating some pretty goofy working song names for example: ramen, fast and even platzen have been used to aid members who tend to be a bit forgetful. But hey! If it works, it works! 

      Stickup Kid is full of personality and nostalgia. They have been working hard over these past 8 years and it has been paying off. No matter the challenges these guys may face there will be a reward at the end of it all. New music and experiences are on the horizon and I personally can not wait to see what is in store. 

      Keep on keeping on!


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