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Who are Shallow Talent?

Motivational Muses Exclusive Feature | by Anastasia Logan

Photo taken from Instagram. Photo by: @carlavidson.

Located in Lynchburg, Virginia this self proclaimed Post-Hardcore band is described as spiritually charged and emotional. By using loud guitars and intense vocals there is no debate that Shallow Talent for sure fits in this category. Shallow Talent was created in April of 2018 as a "spiritual successor" to frontman Chad Lowry's first band Arson's Harbor. After having a solo career of two years, Chad decided that he wanted to start playing loud rock again and from there Shallow Talent was born!

Burn the Body, Scar the Earth, is the first EP Shallow Talent released. Teaming together with friends, Chad was able to create this EP and return to loud rock as he anticipated he would. Out of all the songs on their EP, "I Can't Be The One" is Chad's personal favorite and holds a special place in his heart. This song was written during a period of self-doubt and fear giving it such a personal touch. In the future, Chad hopes to create a full length album to continue the story that began with their EP and go on tour again.


      Unfortunately, life and funding has caused some hiccups in this plan. I hope that everything will work out in the end. Creating new music is an amazing experience for all involved and tours are a grand way to move music to others! But there is some good news coming I promise! Shallow Talent is in the line up to play at the Lynchstock Music Festival, where music will reach many of those music lovers. 

       In Shallow Talent's life there has been a fair amount of achievements racked up in the short months of being formed. Firstly, they opened for O'Brother when they came through Lynchstock. Being able to open for band that Chad is such a fan of and getting to spend time with them is an unforgettable, once in a lifetime experience. Secondly, Shallow Talent was able to go on a thrilling month long self tour. Spending everyday making and sharing music with close friends made this tour a great moment and memory.  

      The main challenge that Shallow Talent has run into is getting their music out and about in the world. While the access of streaming services has helped a bit, there is the worry that not everyone is in the streaming music world just and it takes time to adapt to the new system. But, the thought of having a jump of 100 people listening to music to 30,000 is very positive and provides encouragement to having their music be discovered. 

      Sadly it is time for the fun fact of the band, which means the ending of this post is near! Goodness I'm getting emotional! Just kidding! Kind of! Alright time for the fun fact! 

       This fun fact goes all the way back to the EP that was released. It focuses on man's journey through life and struggles with depression, anxiety and addiction. He turns his back on God and ends up getting endless trials from the Devil. (See what I was talking about wth spiritually charged? Not at all a bad thing.) While this EP ends on a quite negative note story line wise, the hope with the album is to start the journey of redemption and I personally wish to see a positive conclusion!

      Now for a more positive fact! There is a line in the song "Good Grief" which may or may not have been inspired by a SpongeBob episode! Specifically where Plankton is wanting to once again get the Secret Formula by saying, "Ravioli, Ravioli, give me the formula". I could tell you which line in the song it is, but I think it would be more fun to make it a scavenger hunt! 

      Whew! What an exciting journey to learn about! Am I right or an I right? Shallow Talent has shown that they are determined to face challenges head on in order to share music with the world. I hope that everything works out to where the album and tours become a reality. Do not get discouraged and keep the music coming! 

Stay strong and determined!


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