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Who are Roses and Revolutions?

Motivational Muses Exclusive Feature | by Anastasia Logan

Photo taken from Instagram. Photo by @solart.photographystudio

      Roses and Revolutions is an indie pop/ alternative rock band that was born in 2014 out of Rochester, New York  when Alyssa Coco and Matt Merrill "recognized a kindred spirit" in one another.  They decided to part from the larger multi-instrumental where they met and embark on a new musical journey as a duo. 

     In 2016 they released their single "The Pines" which soon took online streaming services by storm. "The Pines" was featured at Paste Magazine, Indie Shuffle (a fellow music blog), All Things Go ( a music feature website) and many others. This song took off when it was discovered by Spotify Canada when it was placed on a playlist and racked up over a million streams. With this number of streams "The Pines" made it to the #2 spot on the Viral Chart. Now that is what I call "Getting your foot in the door, then just kicking it down and walking in like you own the place!"

      Alright back on topic! After the raving success of this release, Roses and Revolutions soon saw themselves booking opening gigs with some seriously talented fellow artists. To be exact, Marian Hill, Kaleo, VÉRITÉ, Nina Nesbitt were those talented fellow artists. Soon they started to headline at their own shows. Speaking of! They are on tour right now! 

      Yes! Right now in 2018 Roses and Revolutions are currently touring with Gin Wigmore. This tour started June 6th in New York, New York and is concluding on June 28th in the one and only Los Angeles, California. They are hitting most major cities in-between. These seem to be shows one wouldn't want to miss!

      Since we are on the topic of what people shouldn't miss. Their new single "Big Bad Wolf" dropped today! Yes! On June 8, 2018 this new single has been introduced to the world! For those wanting to listen it is available on Spotify and Apple Music. An EP release from these creative minds is quickly approaching and I personally couldn't be more excited to see what new bops are going to be introduced to everyone.  

      Overall, Roses and Revolutions have a diverse style. They can have a very soothing sound with "The Pines" but they very much know how to rock as they have proved with "Big Bad Wolf". With their new EP on the horizon who knows what kind of styles shall come together. This shows a very creative mindset and dedicated artists who love making and aren't afraid to be bold. Having a mindset such as this, more doors will be opened and new paths will be explored. 

      May doors continue to stay open and music be shared with all! 



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