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Who are REDSIX?

Motivational Muses Exclusive Feature | by Christian Browne

REDSIX are a pop-punk/alternative band from Indonesia. Their journey as a band began back in 2007 when vocalist, Kevin and guitarist, Denny were in high school. A brief hiatus was taken as members split ways to attend university. Once their studies concluded, Kevin and Denny decided to pick up right where they left off. After recruiting friends, both new and old, REDSIX was officially born. 

“REDSIX formed as a new project to showcase what everyone’s been learning and had been influenced by over the last few years, and making music was always the point, no matter how we chose to do it.” 

The name REDSIX may sound very similar to those who are fans of the Star Wars franchise. Multiple members are fans themselves and thought the name would be a good fit. 

“Jek Porkins was an X-wing pilot, and his call sign was Red 6. He gets blown up during the Battle of Yavin, and we thought it would be funny to name the band after the X-wing that blows up instead of the X-wing of the main character.” 

They draw inspiration from a wide range of artists such as Fall Out Boy, Toto, Blink 182, Hall and Oates. Speaking of music, the band recently released a single in March called “Vessel” which tells a beautiful yet heartbreaking love story.

“Vessel” is a song pulled from a vault of songs we had stored from years ago, who’s original version felt out of place and half-baked compared to other songs we had written at the time. We decided that after five years and six different versions of the song, that it was finally at a place where we could finally feel good with releasing it.”

A compelling music video for “Vessel” was also released and complimented the new track in a touching way.

“We wanted to create something visually that was quite specific yet broad so that the audience can interpret it in many ways. There’s something poignant about having your idea as a listener on what a song is about, and hopefully, we’ve carried the same message for the music video. The idea was to have people spending time together as fleeting moments in the video, whether it takes place in the past or the future is up the audience.”

The video’s ending holds an important significance for both the band and the message they shared.

“The end of the story beat was a favorite of ours, where the couple fall, the joy and happiness from their faces disappear. We wanted to give a little sense of reality at the end for what that could mean, where relationships or feelings sometimes are fleeting. We wanted the viewer to question why they’re sad at the end, which will then lead to some sort of introspection on what the song is about.”

Many bands and artists have seen their highs and lows and REDSIX are no exception. From collaborating during a global pandemic to finding a perfect balance. They are always working to better themselves and their craft.

“We think the toughest obstacle so far has been creating and marketing songs and a genre that we can say is currently not in rotation in terms of the current trend and finding a balance between what we like to write and what people like to hear. Our main priority is to make as good of a song as possible, and we think the appreciation for that will always show through, regardless of current trends.”

     REDSIX have accomplished two major milestones by playing at a multitude of festivals and pack pubs with amplified crowds. Future goals are to keep creating music that touches the lives of people around the world and to improve as artists. 

      The international attention their music has begun to receive has been a humbling and rewarding experience.

“It’s always awesome realizing that something we made here in our tiny corner of the world resonates with someone across the globe. We are super thankful that we are living in a time where access to our creative content is so readily available to any audience interested in taking a listen to no matter who or where they are in the world, and if someone somewhere has fun listening to our song then that makes all the effort worth it.” 

Not only has their music been discovered by thousands of others, their music has led them to discover new skills and perspectives.

“It’s taught us a whole lot about compromise and balance. Creating music and operating within the industry has taught us to be as unrelenting but as diplomatic, as you can be, to suppress ego for the more significant outcome, and to really open your perspective to be accepting of others’ views.
Music is such a personal thing to those who make and listen to it and to appreciate the listeners and creators around you, you have to learn about how to deal with people basically, and that’s a vital skill that we have learned from creating music that we’ll use in many aspects of our lives for a long time to come.”

Our time with REDSIX is sadly, drawing to a close. But that means... Yup! Time for some fun facts!  

Every band or artist has a dream venue they wish to perform in one day. But for REDSIX, they have a dream climate. 

“Playing anywhere overseas in a cold climate would be great. Some of us have never had the pleasure of feeling the cold in our bones.”  

Lastly, almost all of the music they have released was recorded and produced in an in-home studio. Denny provides the perfect recording setup and his brother Dio produces the final products.

REDSIX are an up and coming band that is making rounds in the music world. I cannot wait to see what they have in store for all of us in the future. Give them a follow on all social media and stay updated on all upcoming projects.


Advice from REDSIX.

"There are a lot of great bands nowadays that no one has heard of. With recording and platforms to be heard now are so accessible you can stumble on unknown bands. So we encourage everyone to stumble and find that band."


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