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Who are Rainier. ?

Motivational Muses Exclusive Feature | by Anastasia Logan

Prepare to be enchanted by the acoustic duo Rainier. from Denton, Texas. Comprised of Chaney Elaine and Spencer Trinidad, Rainier. was formed in the summer of 2018 as a way to continue playing music without having to construct an entirely new band. Their sound is difficult to put in a box, but is described by Chaney as, synth-pop with alternative influences. That description is only a small aspect of the sound they are continuing to perfect.

"Honestly, there is no right answer because we just do what we think sounds good and experiment and add different things to get to the point where we like it."

The name origin for Rainier. does not pull inspiration from the magnificent, Mount Rainier, active volcano and hiking destination in the grand state of Washington. I am sorry to break every nature-lovers' heart. Rainier was a street name in a neighborhood that Chaney grew up in. We love a trip down memory lane. Have it be noted that the period at the end is intentional and incredibly important. Due to the popularity of the name, the period makes the searching journey less complicated for all involved.

Currently in the realm of released music, Rainier. have an original single entitled, "Ghost" and a cover of Movements, "Daylily." In the works is a new EP that is set to release in 2020 and will feature a style that differs from what they have created in the past. Going back to their single, "Ghost," this song is a statement. Listeners know exactly what they are getting into while listening to this duo. Chaney's angelic voice draws listeners in for the long haul, while Spencer creates the perfect track to accompany her. This song is a wonderful balance of every element that makes me beyond excited to see what will be created in the future. "Ghost" is also a personal favorite for Spencer for a multitude of reasons.

"It's the oldest and I’ve been working on it the longest. It was really cool to have that song go from one style to the acoustic style that was released then back to its original style for the final song."

While anyone can go out and listen to Spencer's favorite, they will not have the same luck with Chaney's and will have to wait until the release of their new EP. Even though we cannot listen to it just yet, she did give insight of what we can all expect.

"It has a spring-ish vibe and it’s honestly just a chill song."

Rainier. are one of those groups that need to be seen live in order to fully experience their craft. Thankfully, this duo have a short tour planned in January from the 17th to the 19th. They will be joined by Unknown Toxin and New Heroes. Follow them on social media for all the important details to not make the mistake of missing these shows.

Every achievement, regardless of how they are categorized are to be celebrated. This group has played a number of shows, are going on tour and have an EP on the horizon! For just being over a year old, that is quite wonderful! They have made valuable connections with other bands that can only grow from here. These two are going to start making waves, I can sense it now!

Music can help people learn something about themselves. For Rainier. they discovered the freedom that can be found through what they create.

"There are really no limits to creating music and we can do whatever we want with it." 

The main challenge this duo faces is the fact that they are only a duo. But, that has not deterred them from creating and sharing music. Most importantly, they still have a fun time and do not allow a challenge like size get in their way.  

Goodness. Time for fun facts so soon? Well, let's dive right in!

Not only are this duo wonderful musicians, they happen to be immense Letterkenny fans. For those who are not aware, this is a Canadian sitcom which leaves an impact on watchers. So much so, that Rainer. created mock stickers inspired by the show. Focusing more on each member individually, Spencer can play a multitude of instruments, but also knows how to produce music! In other words, he handled everything in regards to recording their upcoming EP. If anyone is looking for help in that area of the music world he is a great choice. Chaney is not only an amazing vocalist, but is an insanely talented photographer! She took it upon herself in creating the cover artwork for their EP. From shooting the pictures to construction in Photoshop, she did it all!

Rainier. are making a statement. Their music is captivating and fresh. The future for this dynamic duo seems incredibly bright and I cannot wait to see how they grow and what they create next. Make sure to give them follow on all social media, which is conveniently linked below this feature, they would be ever so appreciative.


Advice from Rainier.

"Honestly, just do you and don’t worry about what other people think, and just have a good time."


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