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Who are Pathetic Fallacy?

Motivational Muses Exclusive Feature | by Anastasia Logan

Image by @chloebrenna on Instagram

A metalcore band from Central New Jersey are merging a variety of sounds to compile an interesting mix between modern and classic metal. Production elements come together to introduce modern while instrumentation brings the classic sound to light. The variety in musical taste between members has also contributed to the unique sound they aim to produce within their music.

Formed backed in the summer of 2017, Pathetic Fallacy was originally an idea to be a solo acoustic project of vocalist Julian Worden. This idea was altered when he started writing and requested to help of guitarist Louis Sabba in creating initial tracks. Tasman "Tas" Cioppa joined weeks after to assist with drums. Landing his position within the group. These three met while attending the same music academy. After a summer of practicing and writing Louis reached out to former bandmate Matt DiGuiseppe the following winter. Upon accepting the request he became the bassist and final member of Pathetic Fallacy.

The name "Pathetic Fallacy" stems from a literary device which is a reference to the personification of nature. Julian was introduced to the term during an English class while studying a work by the infamous William Shakespeare.

Returning to the topic of discussion. Music.

Six months after forming, the debut EP The New Years Tapes was released in 2017. This original EP was recorded in a home studio, opening doors for recollection once later music was released.

In 2018, a single simply entitled "2018" was released. A music video was created to support this song and seems to be a band favorite. Production elements, filming the music video and the end cover art were all mentioned as being reasons for why this song was memorable to create.

The most recent EP, Regicide was released in December 2018. This project was a personal favorite for Louis, being one of the first professional studio recording he had completed. He described the experience as being rewarding and unlike anything that he could've expected. Music should have the power to make people feel a certain way and to Louis this EP gave him that very experience.

"The feelings associated with those songs are unparalleled."

Currently, they play local shows around New Jersey so try and catch a show and see what these guys are all about. Hopefully there will be an extended tour in the future. But we will have to wait and see what is in store.

Young bands have a tendency to get a lot of work done in a little amount of time. Pathetic Fallacy is no exception. Music is created and released in a remarkable manner, but no corners are cut on quality. They have headlined multiple shows and have been featured in a number of online publications. Spotify has even showed some love with including their music in popular playists. Following the release of Regicide, they reached a hundred monthly Spotify listeners. Growth is present on all of their social media platforms and shows in the growing attendance at each upcoming show. No matter how small, every goal reached is one to celebrate and that is something one should not quickly forget.

Life tends to prove that nothing comes easily and challenges were faced by this young group. Early on they experienced lineup issues with some of the first shows played. But once those were solved it seemed to be smooth sailing from there on out. One life lesson that never seems to fail is "not everyone is going to like you" and in that retrospect there is no reason to force the issue. Sometimes shows do not go as planned, but no need to compare such a time of growth to one negative event. Keep improving as a group and embrace the unexpected days with grace.

Looks like we have reached the end of the road here. Which means... It is time for some fun facts!

Starting off with arguably the most intriguing song origin I have come across. The song "Kazaze" off their recent EP Regicide was inspired by and get ready for this. A recurring dream that Louis had back in fifth grade about none other than a giant killer clam! Never once have I heard about such a bizarre dream. To have it once, must have been terrifying but multiple times? No thanks. Part two to this fun fact! This is actually hinted in the cover art for "2018". Go look it up on Spotify!

Getting into the more lighthearted facts.

Many of these songs were written in one day sessions. Which means a whole EP could be completed in under a week. Maybe I am easily impressed but that is kind of incredible. Sticking to the song theme of the facts! There was a brief discussion of re-recording "Stolen Memories" from The New Years Tapes and including it within Regicide, but was decided against. I for one would actually like a re-recording, but I am not the one calling the shots around here.

Now it is time for a quick little feel good fact! Matt and Louis go way back! Those two started playing together back in 2014, three years before Pathetic Fallacy was even a notion! Mainly because they attended the same music school so maybe they had to pretend to like one another? Who knows? But in all seriousness. Matt credits Louis for his love of music. In his exact words.

"Playing with him was instrumental in finding my love for metal and ultimately leading me to where I am today."

I hope everyone else can feel the love because I sure can!

One last fact! For those interested in life adventures of these guys, check out their YouTube channel where they post vlogs, play-throughs and more! In other words. Behind the scenes stuff which can always be a blast.

Pathetic Fallacy may still be young but they are showing signs of becoming impactful to the music community that surrounds them. May they never stop pushing the creative bonds and keep everyone on their toes.

"If music be the food of love, play on." - William Shakespeare


Music Advice from Pathetic Fallacy

Tas Cioppa

"The most important advice that I can give to others that are either already in a band or are aspiring to be in one, is that you should be enjoying the time you spend together as a band, and should always be looking forward to making new music. Making music that you love is an amazing thing, and when you're with the right group of guys it becomes incredibly rewarding."

Matt DiGuiseppe

"Some words of advice I have for musicians and bands that are just starting out is that relationships are everything. If you be as friendly as you can to any other bands or musicians, that could really help you grow and be able to record your music and play in live settings."

Louis Sabba

"Never critique yourself based on other successful bands when it comes to playing shows. Be a performer and leave every ounce of energy that flows through you onstage every time you play, and the atmosphere of professionalism will slowly start to form around you."

Julian Worden

"If you are consistently super patient, kind, and selfless at every step of your musical career. There is literally nothing stopping you from being where you want to be. Just relax and trust in the process."


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