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Who are Meet Me @ The Altar?

Motivational Muses Exclusive Feature | by Anastasia Logan

Photo by @la_rodgers on Instagram.

Formed in the summer of 2015, this multi-state female group are creating "bouncy" pop punk that one cannot help but to bop along with when listening. According to Téa, their music could be the soundtrack alongside two polar opposite activities.

"Kinda makes you want to mosh but also eat a pint of ice cream and cry over your ex."

After listening to their work, I can confirm this is an accurate description and made me laugh just a bit too loud when reading for the first time.

Guitarist and founder Téa Campbell came across drummer Ada Juarez when browsing YouTube one day. She came across Ada's drum cover of a Twenty One Pilots song and appreciated her passion.The two conversed for a period of time, becoming quick friends and made the decision to create a band even being states apart. Téa lives in Florida while Ada lives in New Jersey. Vocalist Edith Johnson, who lives in Georgia joined the band in 2017 and completed the group.

Coming up with a name was a journey in itself. While going through a list of band names, Ada started naming Mortal Kombat characters. During this exchange they discovered Sub Zero was their favorite character. A single phrase brought their name creation journey to a conclusion.

"Ada was like, 'Meet Me @ The Altar' and that's how we got our name."

Individuality is present throughout their music. Each new release has its own sound that connects old with new ensuring a variety of songs that connect to the listener in their own way. One reason for this could be each major EP and album release has had a different vocalist and as the vocalists changed as did the style.

Their debut EP, Red Walls was released in 2016 and featured Téa and Rosalind Vo as vocalists. Rosalind was originally the bassist for this group and decided to tour with them back in December 2018. This EP has the unique sound of a first album, which is not a bad thing. In fact, I think the recording style helped create a bit of a vintage sound and sets the foundation for music released in the future. A personal favorite from this EP would have to be "Miscommunication." A true break-up bop if there ever was one. Overall, a wonderful start for getting their name on the map of the music world.

In 2017 the debut album, Out of Sight, Out of Mind was introduced to the world. Téa took the lead on vocals for this album and did an insane job! This album seems more mellow from vocals to instrumentals. Even though it seems quieter, there is still an intensity that comes out giving dimension and helps it stand out on its own. A personal favorite from this album would have to be "I Made This Title Really Long Because Ada Asked Me To." Not only is the track name something to marvel at, the song itself is a stands out. Being more upbeat than others it breaks up the melancholy vibe and is refreshing to hear.

In 2018 the single, "Caught in the Middle" was released in April followed by their latest EP Changing States which features Edith as the vocalist. Changing States became a favorite project mainly because of Edith and her change of songwriting to shift the group into a new creative dynamic. Everyone pushed themselves harder than before and that is evident in the finished product. The "bouncy" sound used to describe their music comes out more in this EP. Instrumentals and vocals mesh perfectly to create an upbeat and danceable soundtrack. A personal favorite from this EP would have to be "Here's To War." Composition is engaging and serves as a powerful introductory track.

In regard to new music these three have a couple ideas up their sleeves.

First off, they are going to start recording in May for a new EP entitled Bigger Than Me. Remember back when they talked about pushing themselves harder than ever for Changing States? Looks like they are going all out for Bigger Than Me and cannot wait to share the finished product.

"We're incredibly excited for this EP as we definitely feel that this is our best work yet."

Secondly, they are planning to create a music video for a new single that has yet to be decided on. Which should be done shortly after the conclusion of recording. Who doesn't love a good music video?

Achievements? Meet Me @ The Altar definitely has accumulated a few together as a band. Starting in the summer of 2018, they supported the band Belmont not once but twice. This was a dream come true because meeting a favorite band is a whole different ball park than supporting them on tour. Twice. In a span of two months. Absolutely incredible! At the end of the year in December they embarked on their first independent tour up the east coast which was memorable in many ways. They also played at multiple music festivals and have a booking agent to help plan larger shows for the future.

Distance is a challenge throughout all aspects of life and for a three-piece band residing in different states there are going to be some roadblocks. One of the largest challenges faced is the difficulty of writing and rehearsing due to the physical distance between them. Even though communication is effective because they share the same time zone that does not make all their challenges disappear. That being said, they have successfully played multiple shows together, arranged recording sessions and photo shoots. This group is full of determined individuals who will refuse to allow distance to slow them down. As long as there is a form of transportation and a meeting place, these three are unstoppable.

Oh dear. Looks like the end is coming near. Well for this blog post of course! Which means it is time for a lighthearted fun fact!

What seems like a touring necessity? Snacks? Good tunes? Good company? Enough gas to get from point A to point B? Equipment? Those all are needed when touring but for this group there is a single item they MUST have. Get ready for it. Ready?


This instrument or noisemaker, depending on the individual, has become a staple for this group in their touring expeditions and there is quite a tale to go along with this fact. I will allow Téa to explain.

"One day we were at Guitar Center and saw some kazoos and HAD to buy them. So on the trip to every show we play, we jam out in the car to our favorite songs and kazoo along to them."

Meet Me @ The Altar is comprised of three insanely dedicated ladies who will stop at nothing to share their music to those willing to listen. Distance has given them a run for their money, but determination, companionship, music and of course kazoos will reign supreme in the face of opposition. Keep growing. Keep creating. Do not stop until the world knows your name.


Words of Advice from Meet Me @ The Altar

"These words of advice are directly specifically to young girls of color. If you have a dream, do not let ANYONE tell you that you cannot reach it. They will try to discourage and discredit you, but keep putting in the effort and your work will pay off. We promise you."


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