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Who are Mainsail?

Motivational Muses Exclusive Feature | by Anastasia Logan

Photo by @annikacimas on Instagram.

Formed in 2015, from Oceanside, California, this band definitely knows how to put the "pop" in pop punk. They are creating music with a nostalgic sound taking listeners back to the early 2000s. Energizing instrumentals with memorable lyrics create songs that resonate with listeners no matter the occasion. Their music has been described in quite a unique way that may result in a chuckle.

"If Blink-182, Jimmy Eat World, Yellowcard and New Found Glory had a baby, and that baby went to college and became its own person."

Originally formed by vocalist Nick Lanar and guitarist James Moyer the two decided to begin their musical journey one day after work. Drummer Isaac Park joined the band at only 16 years of age. He was preforming with a band at the time and they saw his potential. After a bonding moment with his father at an Anberlin show and a jam session later, Isaac was officially initiated. The newest member would be bassist Mike Liorti who is temporarily helping out, but his position may become a fixture with this group.

The name "Mainsail" has a very sentimental meaning for this group. While booking show number one, they still did not have a name and so the brainstorming process began. Going down memory lane, Mainsail Road, where they held their first rehearsal, became the inspiration. Originally, the plan was to use this as an interim name but it ended up just sticking and Mainsail was born.

Music is what people around here really care about so lets get into that topic. Overall, they do not have an extensive amount of music, but what has been created outlines a clear direction and sound.

In 2017, they released both a debut single and EP. The single, "Impatience" was a power move to show what they could bring to the table. As the first song released, their sound is engaging and desirable with the older pop punk inspiration being present. Overall, the combination of old with new creates a powerful introduction for their music. The EP, Photographs consists of four songs that encase empowerment, heartbreak, and unconditional love. While this may be a personal take, these songs each have an individual message to tell making this EP individualized and cohesive. My personal favorite song form this EP would have to be "My Storm." The bridge just hits every nerve in my body. Chills. Just a wonderfully empowering piece.

In 2018, they released a new single "Silence." Do not be misled by the name. This single is eccentric and has a different composition from previously released music. They break off and start to establish their own personal sound. Further establishing this personal sound becomes a theme in the music creation process.

A new album is currently being recorded and singles from this album will be released periodically. The first single that will be shared is "Blue Skies" and shall be available on all streaming services on March 24th. Mark those calendars. Set a reminder. Because this is not something that should be missed.

"We feel like the new songs we have crafted have really turned the page for our band. We know what we’re doing a bit more in the studio, and are comfortable as songcrafters. Sonically it will be huge."

Outside of releasing and creating new music there are numerous achievements this group has reached together. One of these achievements is having the opportunity to play for large audiences at music festivals such as Warped tour and Joshuafest. For those who are not aware, Joshuafest is a Christian Music Festival held in California every year and Mainsail is a reoccurring act. Try and make it out to see what these guys are all about.

Receiving airtime on the radio is a great way for a band to get both their name and music out to the masses. The radio station 91x in San Diego has been giving some love by ensuring that their music is assessable to those living in that area.

But the greatest achievement is not the tangible but the intangible. At the end of the day music matters. Those who listen to it are connected in some way to how the lyrics hit home or how instrumentals allow for any location to become a dance party. These little moments are most important. Knowing that listeners resonate and are impacted by what they have created will always be the ultimate reward.

"Nothing comes close to that for us."

Goodness. Looks like the end of this post is quickly approaching. Alright I guess I shall wrap this up!

The fun fact for this wonderful group may seem kind of basic, but maybe we do not know the extent of this fact. Alright. Who like music? Alright that seems about right. But these guys look music. I mean really like music. Maybe I should just let them explain.

"We are music nerds. We listen to and enjoy all types of music. We don’t stop talking about music. We talk about a lot of other things, but we literally never stop talking about music we like and what it means to us."

Maybe they have crazy intense trivia games when driving from show to show! Is that a bit too much imagination? My bad. Back on topic.

Mainsail is a band that knows how to rise for the occasion. Taking old and creating something new for a whole generation to enjoy requires flexibility and fearlessness in the creative process. While the future is still unknown for the most part it can be guaranteed that the music released will be worth the wait. Keep sailing (wow that was lame) and keep us all on our toes with whatever is in store.


Advice from Mainsail

"Dream way bigger. Don’t be scared to try. Be yourself. Don’t give up. Be kind to everyone you meet no matter if they are kind back to you or not."


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