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Who are Halflives?

Motivational Muses Exclusive Feature | by Anastasia Logan

      An Alternative rock band out of Modena, Italy, Halflives have worked hard to perfect blend and balance of unique instrumentals with powerful vocals to bridge music lovers from multiple genres together to embark on a musical journey like no other. Growing up in a small town where not many shared her musical interests, lead vocalist Linda Battilani persisted and found those who shared her love and dedication for music. In 2016, Halflives officially formed and they hit the ground running.

      Wasting no time, debut single, "Mayday" was released in September of 2016 only two months after they announced their formation in July! Soon after the release of "Mayday" they played their first three shows and I can appreciate the hustle! But the touring lifestyle isn't always easy. There are long car rides and sometimes empty venues, but Halflives stayed strong and allowed their love of music to keep them motivated! Then in December of 2016 their next single "Burn" was released, and was featured on Spotify playlists, "Rock United" and "New Rock Only". While having two singles a some shows under their belt is quite an achievement there is nothing better than writing and releasing a debut album and this was next on their list. In 2017, Empty Rooms an eight song album that represents Linda Battilani locking away her feelings in an individual empty room. To me that adds some serious meaning and the songs featured reflect this idea. 

     Of course what people really care about is new music! Specifically,  what is currently out and what is going to be released. I have good news and some bad new. Good news! Back in April of 2018 a new single "Crown" was released and it is absolutely amazing! Also, new music is in the works and so far Halflives are very pleased with what they have produced and can not wait to share their new music with the world! Now time for the bad news. That was all the information that can be shared. There is no known release date. All of this is top secret! But, I don't mind waiting! I have a feeling that this new music is going to be killer! 

    We have reached the point in this blog post where accomplishments are celebrated and fun facts are shared for all to enjoy. Let us take a journey back to the releases of "Crown" and Empty Rooms. These two musical pieces have helped shape Linda Battilani to the person she is today by growing bit by bit with each release! I can always support a marvelous character development! 

      I would argue that no one in the music world ever forgets their first big time interview or promotion. For Halflives, they have been promoted by Rock Sound, Alternative Press and Kerrang! magazines! They are arguably some of the largest media in the alternative music scene and this whole experience must be incredibly rewarding and encouraging. While promotions by large magazines are amazing nothing is more inspiring than when an audience sings along during a show, because let us be real for a second. Nothing is more rewarding than seeing how music brought people together. Speaking of bringing people together! For those who reside in Europe! Make sure to catch some shows this summer. More information is on their Instagram page! 

     Now it is time for the fun fact! I hope everyone is ready for this! I swear it is absolutely fantastic. There are many before show rituals that become tradition, but for Halflives their before show is mandatory! These lovely people will circle up and on the count of three they scream "Trattore", which is tractor in Italian, second fun fact of the day. The reason for such a ritual? Some serious bad luck will fall upon the performance. Specifically, issues with gear and even having guitar strings breaking mid show and any other bad thing that can occur before a show. Maybe it is just superstition or bad luck, but whatever the reason every show should be flawless, so trattore on! 

      Halflives are truly a fresh sound in the world of alternative rock and are a band for any and all people! Every song is eccentric and the urge to just rock out and sing along is overwhelming! I personally am incredibly excited to see what these talented individuals have planned for the future! 



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