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Who are Gracie and the Valley?

Motivational Muses Exclusive Feature | by Anastasia Logan

Photo taken from Instagram. Photo by: @mandymaehallman

Out of Nashville Tennessee, Gracie and the Valley describes their music as "Sunflower" pop. Personally haven't hear of music being described in that way, but I believe that is a very spot on description of their music. Gracie and the Valley was formed in 2017 when front woman, Grace was looking informed of a Facebook Group of Nashville artists. Here she ran into a post created by guitarist Sam Ventura who was looking to work with other musicians. After meeting for coffee, Grace mentioned wanting to start a band and Sam offered to be the guitarist without hesitation. That moment sparked the fire to continue the search for finding the rest of the members. One by one they came together and Gracie and the Valley was officially formed. August will mark their one year band anniversary. 

      Music wise not much has been released. Their first EP, Eye Spy, was released only a few months after they officially formed and was mastered and produced by Sam Ventura! Come on that is quite impressive! This EP only has 4 songs on it, but each song showcases the talents of everyone involved. If this seems discouraging don't be upset or sad! Why? Because there is new music being worked on as the post is being made! Gracie and the Valley are currently recording singles and have plans to begin recording a nine song album in August, which should release in November! I hope that is reliving news because I am always excited for new music. 

      Time to celebrate some achievements! Everyone ready? Yes? No? Well better get ready because here we go! 

      Collectively as a band, Gracie and the Valley were recently featured on New Faces Night which is held at The Basement in Nashville. Grace has been featured on Lightning 100's Spotlight where she earned herself an interview and a live studio performance. Whether it be as a band or as an individual artist, progress and recognition is being made and that is always cause for celebration! 

      As we have come to learn by now there are always challenges that are met in the music world and life in general. The main challenge faced by Grace was deciding to learn how to play guitar. This is a fair challenge because lets be real here. Learning any instrument is hard and a commitment. After taking lessons she got tired of the structure which led her to learn by ear and start a lot of experimentation. The whole process has grown Grace as a musician and she continues to grow musically. 

      Who is ready for the fun fact of the day? I don't know why I ask that because it is being told no matter what! 

      Giving back has a tendency to be one of the greatest feelings ever. Expect for maybe being in a room full of puppies. Back on track, sorry. Before Gracie and the Valley was ever a thing. Grace used to be in a band called Flashback and they were the face of an organization called "Little Kids Rock". They helped provide schools with musical curriculum and instruments so students can learn more about music. I can attest that having a music program in my schools furthered my love for music and changed my life. Being able to ensure all children have access to a music curriculum is so important and it is so exciting to see bands get involved to further the cause.

      Gracie and the Valley are a very young band, but they are growing bit by bit every day. I can't wait to see what they achieve in the future.  

       Keep growing!


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