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Who are Casey Jo & the Friday Night Dads?

Motivational Muses Exclusive Feature | by Anastasia Logan

Photo taken from Instagram. Photo by: @klemidesigns

      Born in the musicians melting pot of Nashville, Tennessee, Casey Jo and the Friday Night Dads (not fathers) are serving a unique sound to the music world. Formed back in 2016, members have come and gone but their style has stayed constant. Their music is described as Garage Americana and they are aimed at paying tribute to the history of rock 'n' roll and it's impact in the music world. 

      Their first EP "Work" was released in December of 2017 and while the style was described as a "polished pop sound" I would disagree.  I am going to be a bit honest here, so prepare. The vocals in this EP were very gritty, which is the intended sound, but I would say it was far from a pop sound. While I personally am not a fan of gritty vocals, I can appreciate what Casey Jo is doing with her vocal style and will say it gives a very unique sound that helps them stand out. Maybe they will be an acquired taste for me personally. For those who love some gritty, intense vocals don't let my personal opinion be a deterrent . Casey Jo & The Friday Night Dads have an incredible sound that stand out and I believe everyone can appreciate the music they are creating.  

       New music is currently in the works and that is always exciting news. The sound planned for this next album is to be heavier and more resolute. Recording has been a fun experience. Experimenting with different tempos and tones has given a sense of personality for this new album. I am very open minded for what this album will hold and can't wait to hear the finished product.  

       Accomplishments come in all varieties in the music world. For Casey Jo & The Friday Night Dads, knowing that they are evolving their sound and going in the right direction is the best achievement they have reached. They have experienced their fair share of challenges as well. Running into sudden line up changes, mechanical issues with their tour bus and playing to empty rooms. But regardless of these challenges they continue to persevere and share their music with those who are willing to listen. 

      Casey Jo & The Friday Night Dads are paying tribute to rock 'n' roll in a marvelous way and I believe they are paving a way in the music world. 

      Keep creating.


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