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Who are Between You & Me?

Motivational Muses Exclusive Feature | by Anastasia Logan

      Formed at the beginning of 2015 in Melbourne, Australia.  Between You & Me's story started when brothers Chris and Jamey moved to Melbourne with the intention of starting a Pop Punk band. Finding members always is quite the journey and YouTube played a large role in the original line-up. Vocalist Jake and previous guitarist Jess both posted music covers on the platform. Peaking interest of the brother who decided to reach out and see what would follow. Recruitment was proven a success and two quickly became four. During this time Jamey, the drummer, had sustained an arm injury and a majority of the music created was acoustic in nature to stay productive. Unfortunately, Jess departed with the band at the end of 2015 and the search was back on to find an additional guitarist. 

        This is where Jai gets introduced to the story.

        He reached out through the Facebook page after his previous band stopped playing shows and became the newest addition to the group. Quick recap. They now had two guitarists, a vocalist and a drummer. But something was still missing. A bassist. Well fear not! Jai had a fix for this small predicament and got to work. Remember about Jai's previous band mentioned earlier? Yup! He got into contact with the former bassist of that band and that is how James not only completed the line-up but joined the Between Me & You family!

       For Between You & Me, 2016 was the year of music releases. Their first single "Caliver" and EP Paper Thin were shared with the world and are honestly quite amazing. In 2017, they would release another single "Overthinking" which is kind of the anthem of my life. Moving on. Now it is time for the big year that has been 2018. Their debut album "Everything is Temporary" was released, fulfilling a childhood dream of having a studio album out in the world. Dreams really do come true!

        They have gone on multiple international tours which have been a treat. Touring started in Japan, then they headed back home to Australia for an album release tour. Back in October they concluded a North American tour supporting Roam & Like Pacific (which I missed and made me sad.) To end the year, they once again toured Australia with Neck Deep and headed to Europe alongside WSTR. All in all I think it is safe to say that 2018 has been an incredible year for these guys and we should all prepare for what they have planned for the future.

       As far as new music goes, Between You & Me fill their spare time with writing and demoing new tracks. This process consists of creating voice memos, using a software called Pro Tools to string together ideas and having jam sessions to get a sense of progress with how these new tracks can come to life. Creating and releasing their sophomore album is next on their to-do list, but they do not what it to be a rushed project. By taking their time, it can be inferred that something amazing will be released in the near future. 

      Creating music is always a rewarding and personal experience as well as being one of the greatest achievements a band or artists can fulfill. 

      Releasing Everything is Temporary  was deeply personal to each member in this group because for them a childhood dream was reached. Being able to see hard work and dedication pay off in a tangible form will always resonate for those who have dreamt for that moment. Going on tour and meeting those who have supported their music has been described as a humbling experience. These guys have also landed a feature in Kerrang! magazine and with the pace they are going they may find themselves featured in a number of more. 

      Music creation is not always rainbows and sunshine. Unfortunately, this is a concept this group knows all too well. One of the greatest challenges faced has been in the realm of finances and balancing personal life with touring life. Touring is not a cheap endeavor. Every aspect of a tour has to be planned out to a tee and sometimes hard decisions have to be made. Balancing touring life and personal life has also proved challenging. Learning how to overcome these challenges are a necessity in the music world, but the best part is that they can learn bit by bit, not all at once. Support goes a long way! Continue to go to shows, buy merchandise and listen to music. Just know that whenever a band makes a "thank you" post on social media, they truly are thankful in every sense of the phrase. 

      Not only are these guys amazing musicians they also have some fun talents which are to be discussed in this fun facts section! Now according to sources one of these talents may not be entirely factual, so keep that in mind. 

      Starting off with James, the badass bassist. He represented Australia while playing European handball! That is kind of a big deal. Representing a whole country! Pretty impressive! Jamey is up next with some academic flashbacks. This smarty-pants got a perfect score on his end-of high school exam. Yup. Perfect. As in did not miss a question. As someone who is currently struggling through exams I think it is best to move on!

      Chris can not only shred at guitar he is also a bit of an athlete. He won a bronze medal for his state for hurdles! Track in field? As in running? Then jumping over something? Then running again? That is a no for me. But you do you! Jake also seems to follow suit in this athletic pattern. He can do a backflip. Just a single backflip. That is really cool because I can not do a backflip. I am also impressed by the slightest thing. Moving on!

      Last but certainly not least we have Jai who also seemed to thrive in the academic setting. He received an academic award from the state premier. For those who are not from Australia like myself, a "Premier" is a head of state government. In other words. Jai received an award from a very important person in government because he too is a smarty-pants. 

      Between You & Me are incredibly dedicated not only to their music but to those who support them. This upcoming new year will be full of surprises and all of us should be closely following what this group has planned. Everything may be temporary, expect this blog post, it is permanent. That was really lame I apologize. 

      Keep on creating and inspiring!  


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