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New Single: "your dog / good boy" by in earnest

Motivational Muses Review | by: Manny Madera

Released on: March 12, 2021

Cover Artwork by: Chris Asher

As the world collides with trouble and terror and grief, it is the passion and the animation of young, excitable, and emotional artists like in earnest that provide audiences with powerful nostalgia and soul-stirring lyricism, while equally reminding themselves of familial love and affection.

The anticipated release of “your dog / good boy” could offer pet lovers a chance to both reminisce and admire the boundless devotion of domesticated animals, especially that of a loving dog. Like an unforgettable dream (or perhaps a recollection), the singles both stumble upon the power of colorful memory in the form of descriptive storytelling.

While “your dog” is a track tinged in admiration of the beautiful life of one dog, it is the courageous sentimentality from “good boy” that fights for clarity and washes away any regret. If there is any possibility for intimacy to be positively overwhelming, this is one instance of the following claim: diving into the past and reacting to the small wonders and the blinding loss create a stronger need for closeness and sensitivity.

Here, we are taken on a journey of exploration: the world of another being and of a family. The trio, formed by Sarah Holburn, Thomas Eatherton, and Toby Shaer, take on a powerful message of appreciation and gratefulness, weaving it with a personal past and a sweet present, and presents it as a tale of perspective and fondness for the smaller things in life, where time is fleeting and the simplest moments are not fully cherished but forgotten.

Without having to surprise their audience with complex sound mixing or unnecessarily dubious writing, in earnest roams around the eardrums with vulnerability and newfound sweetness, adapting to a world of loss and love.

Give "your dog / good boy" a listen today on all music streaming platforms. Make sure to follow in earnest for updates on all upcoming projects.


in earnest are an alt/indie trio from the UK.


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