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New Single: "You" by Hania

Motivational Muses Review | by Christian Browne

Released on: May 1, 2020

Cover Artwork by: Silvia Phan

This track by Hania takes me back to a couple months ago when me and a couple of friends would take the train into Philly for a fun night out in the city. It’s one of those moments, when you walk into the club and the DJ drops that one song that makes everyone go crazy on the dance floor. Debuting from Boston, Massachusetts, Hania perfectly captures falling in love with the wrong person.

Throughout this three-minute journey, the song feels very whimsical and dreamlike. The spare drumbeats along with the deep velvety bass creates this great balance between happiness and love with the tension that it comes with. The light electric piano that is played throughout the song ties together these two tension points to create this harmony between each instrument.

What makes this song stand out the most is Hania and her killer vocals. Emotion can be heard in every note she sings. Hania shares how she these emotions in her life through the power of song. This rawness combines with elegant and aggressiveness that she gives in her performance leaves a feeling of awe.

Whenever the bars and nightclubs are finally open, I can guarantee you that this will be a song that you will hear while dancing with that partner of your dreams. Hania has a bright future ahead of herself. With an electric music genre that is completely open for new stars to make a name for themselves, Hania has done that with in a masterful way.

Listen to “You” today on all music streaming platforms and Make sure to follow Hania on all social media to stay updated on all upcoming projects.


Hania is a pop artist from Boston, Massachusetts .


Connect with Hania.


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