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New Single: "Whales" by Heavenly Faded

Motivational Muses Review | by: Anastasia Logan

Released on: September 10, 2021

Relationships in any capacity, whether romantic or platonic, have the power to become a mechanism of control that one has no ability to escape. Heavenly Faded explores this experience in their new single "Whales."

While the subject manner is heavy, musically this track holds an element of nostalgia and transports listeners into a dream-like soundscape.

Together vocalists/guitarists, Luis Payero, Jake Stamoulis, bassist, Rijk van Zanten, and drummer, Jared Pease have combined their musical talents to solidify a unique sound for Heavenly Faded which is perfectly demonstrated in "Whales."

Collectively, this track has a nostalgic feeling, partly thanks to the lead vocals from Payero. Softness and intensively blend with a driving bass-line, courtesy of van Zanten, which is met by driving guitar from Stamoulis and Pease keeps the momentum with a steady beat that never falters. To give "Whales" a bit of spice, the reverb is plentiful but is used in a way that supports the other elements, giving the track the dreamish soundscape I mentioned a bit earlier. Very lovely!

Guitar solos are hands down my favorite aspect of any song and Heavenly Faded did not disappoint! The chord progression and rhythm give this track an added flair and seamlessly transition into the chorus. Truly just *chef's kiss.* Absolutely beautiful work. The composition of this track is easily one of my favorite elements. Everything flows together effortlessly, giving this track a soft, dream-like essence.

The music industry has evolved over the years into a place where bands and artists have begun thinking outside of the box when it comes to marketing their music. One of the newer strategies I've seen is games! Heavenly Faded decided to take a page out of that marketing playbook with the creation of their own interactive online game, "Whales: Rooftop Rush." While van Zanten and Pease contributed their art and animation expertise to the project, this was truly a collaborative effort among the band. I think they did a great job! So, for all the gamers out there, enjoy, quite literary, running in their shoes while bopping to "Whales!"

Although it's not a competition, I do have a high score of 402 for anyone wishing to challenge me! With the power of technology, I was able to include the game right in this very review. I invite you to play a few rounds before concluding this review.

The music industry is continuously being transformed by bands and artists - Heavenly Faded are no different. Their influence is growing with each release, and there is no doubt they will have more in store for us in the upcoming future.

Make sure to give "Whales" a listen today on all music streaming platforms and consider buying a copy from your preferred music store! Follow Heavenly Faded on all their social media platforms to keep up with upcoming projects and shows.


Heavenly Faded are an alternative dream rock band from Brooklyn, New York.


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