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New Single: "Turbulence" by Viviana

Motivational Muses Review | by: Manny Madera

Released on: December 11, 2020

There is a certain dreamlike appearance to Viviana’s newest single “Turbulence” which, like an emotional aircraft, gradually rises and propels into a vision of the unknown and the metaphorical.

Introducing a sense of befuddling confidence and uncanny sentimentality, Viviana writes a tale of liberation, sprinkled lightly with a message of uncertainty and hesitation. The elements that build the track into what it is supposed to be, a world of its own, are subtly misplaced (or perhaps, correctly placed) in the beautiful lyricism and the matured diction.

While tranquility and softness are quite a surprise in the track, the fluency of a young, unsure, self-destructive narrator bring about a fantastic, moralistic story about holding back and avoiding the beauty in allowing ourselves into becoming true to who we are and particular to the optimism that we require to move forward in life.

Viviana is absolutely an emerging act that needs a listen. With a literary craftsmanship and a tenderhearted voice, audiences will have a reason to live through the artistry of an unforgettable voice in our universe.


Viviana is singer-songwriter from Houston, Texas.


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