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New Single: "Tiny Rooms" by House Parties

Motivational Muses Review | by: Anastasia Logan

Released on: September 17, 2021

Cover Artwork by: Daniel Hambright

Every time House Parties releases a new song, I wonder to myself, "what can't this band do?" Once again they have blown me away with their new pop-punk anthem, "Tiny Rooms!" Strap in and be prepared for one heck of a musical experience.

Just to recap, "Tiny Rooms" is the fourth single House Parties has released this year, and it is the single coming off of their new EP Tiny Rooms, which is set to release on November 19! Vocalist, Chaney Elaine, drummer, Wesely K. Jones, bassist, Haley Nic, and guitarist/producer extraordinaire, Spencer Trinidad are musical powerhouses. These four have an unprecedented ability to come together to establish the iconic House Parties sound that only strengths in each track they release.

"Tiny Rooms" packs a powerful punch between Elaine's dynamic vocal ability, the attention to detail of every instrumental element, and the overall message being told to listeners. Honestly, it's impossible to not immediately fall in love with this track. Starting with a solid 30-second instrumental intro, we are presented with a heavy track with the pop-punk sound we all know and love. Yet, the moment Elaine first is introduced, the track gains a softness as her vocals take control.

One of the many things I adore about House Parties is their ability to almost effortlessly shift between different dynamic levels. Beginning with a soft intensity that slowly grows as the track continues, makes their music incredibly pleasant to listen to and helps define them in the ever-growing world of pop-punk.

In this track, the intensity is always present. Elaine ensures this by her placement of vocal accents throughout the verses which play perfectly with Trinidad's riffs. The chorus is where the intensity comes to a peak. Here, Trinidad, Jones, and Nic up the anty to give Elaine's vocals a boost in true House Parties style. Once the intensity has been established, it stays consistent for the remainder of the track.

"Tiny Rooms," tells a tale of the frustration and rage that comes from being pushed around and disrespected by others all for the sake of them having the gratification of being right. That is a topic that occurs consistently in society. Know it's okay to fight battles they may seem to be pointless to others and process every emotion that presents itself during that time.

Make sure to stream "Tiny Rooms" today on any music streaming platform and consider purchasing a copy from your preferred online music store! Follow House Parties on all social media to stay updated on all upcoming projects and shows!


House Parties are a pop-punk band from Dallas, Texas.


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