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New Single: "Take Me Away" by Ayron Jones

Motivational Muses Review | by Eli Agawu

Released on: June 19, 2020

Ayron Jones has done it again. Back with a new label and an insanely fiery single, “Take Me Away” which creates art from a painful piece of the past.

A sullen guitar line, introduces an almost militant-sounding drumline. This track is full of red-hot power, only bolstered by Jones’ rough and gritty vocals entering at the top of the eight-count. This piece screams passion. Even more incredible, however, is the fact that pitch and tone aren’t sacrificed in the name of emotion. Ayron Jones manages to hit every note whilst conveying the pain he felt in his history. 

I personally felt a connection to Jones’ lyrics. Whether or not I can relate to his personal experiences, I know that I’ve felt that level of pain, anger, and resolve in my life. This track seems to be a universal testament that we can all pull something from. It directly confronts pain in an intensely satisfying way. I appreciate and respect any artist that can execute that whilst keeping the vocal and overall musical integrity of a track.

Overall, Ayron Jones killed this piece. I’m seldom at a loss for words when reviewing an artist’s work, but I certainly was when I listened to this song. Raw, feeling, and honest, “Take Me Away” is an anthem everyone needs to listen to. Which they absolutely can, on any music streaming platform. Be blown away yourself, and go and check out this new single.


Ayron Jones is a rock guitarist and vocalist based in Seattle. His musical portfolio includes work with Guns N’ Roses, Run DMC, and Spearhead, and at music festivals such as SXSW and Sasquatch.


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