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New Single: "Rude" by ALLEYWAYS

Motivational Muses Review | by Antonio Gines

Released on: August 7, 2020

Cover Artwork by: Megan Dowson

ALLEYWAYS has a new bop! That’s right, the fully independent pop group from Leeds, is at it again. In my last review of them, I said that they had a bop, and this time around, their new song “Rude," cements their independent creativity and talent! Yes. I am officially a fan!

“Rude”, with their signature synths and 80/90’s inspired sound with modern twists, talks about how every relationship, regardless of how they look on the outside, has their small bumps on the road. At times, we are rude to our partners or they back, yet there’s that underlying bond that makes both partners work together and make a stronger connection. It’s through these moments of romantic struggle, that we fall and feel an even stronger connection, like the song says, “I just can’t stop loving you!” 

All five musicians bring their unique style to the table. Guitar riffs and drums harmonize with frontman Dougie Turner’s signature vocals, compliment each other to make distinct beats and sounds.

One sound in particular that stands out in this new single and showcases the ALLEYWAYS’ “DIY-Pop” and fearless creativity and experimentalism, is Stu Whyte’s saxophone solo! Gives a feeling of 90’s smooth jazz nostalgia that reminds me of going to a mall and just hanging out; honestly gives me shivers when I hear it. 

Being a sentimental person myself, I truly appreciate what ALLEYWAYS is doing with their sound. It’s so familiar and distinct, yet so modern and new, it’s a perfect harmony of actual love of creativity and music, with songs that speak to everyone in some way, covering topics that are relatable and in reality a bit “too real” but with fun sounds that makes you want to dance and sing along to.. And I cannot wait to hear what they have next!

Please, if you’re tired of wearing a mask, stay indoors and put on some headphones and dance, like no one is watching, to ALLEYWAYS’ new hit, “Rude.” Out now on all music streaming platforms! 

Make sure to follow ALLEYWAYS on all social media to stay updated on everything they are creating.


ALLEYWAYS are a indie-pop band from Leeds, England.


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