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New Single: "Over it" by ALLEYWAYS

Motivational Muses Review | by Antonio Gines

Released on: June 19, 2020

Cover Artwork by: Megan Dowson

Leeds being a mecca for emerging musical talent for decades never ceases to amaze, this time around, indie pop band ALLEYWAYS released their new single “Over It!” Honestly, it’s my first time hearing their sound, but if there was any band with high potential and soothing fun hip indie sounds, it’s ALLEYWAYS hands down.

“Over It” is an anthem for our generation’s 2020 collective human experience. With killer wasps, protests out on the streets, work, school, and hangouts gone virtual, and a pandemic affecting everyday life, and  a second wave coming, there is no doubt in my mind that ALLEYWAYS have a hit amidst this cabin fever madness. Dare I say, with frontman Dougie Turner’s vocals reminiscent of The Weeknd along with the band’s use of synth, fuze and jazz inspired electronic sounds, make this indie pop single, a certified bop!

While listening to “Over It," I couldn’t help but to dance a bit and scream “Yessss!” because this song gets me. Who hasn’t found themselves waking up during this lockdown and either posting a picture on Instagram for social validation due to loneliness or sent an awkward flirty text, while craving human contact and connection with that special someone you really want laying next to you? I know I have!

I seriously feel that this fun pop song that brings our collective experience together in one synth-filled flavory sound, will make this 2020 global lockdown a little bit more bearable (I mean, I’m already feeling better after listening to it on repeat; yes it’s that good). With all the negative news on a constant cycle, this anthem sets a kind reminder to us all, that even though we’ve gone full digital, we’re still humans craving connection; we’re not alone in this. This shall pass and we can get over it together.

Give "Over It" a listen today and make sure to follow ALLEYWAYS on all social media to stay updated on all upcoming projects.


ALLEYWAYS are a indie-pop band from Leeds, England.


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