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New Single: "Obsessions" by Fire By Night

Motivational Muses Review | by: Christain Browne

Released on: October 15, 2021

Cover Artwork by: Alyssa Krehbiel

Fire by Night are blazing their musical path in the world with their latest release. Their single, “Obsessions” feels like an instant classic. The song is about depression and anxiety that the band members have personally experienced in their lives. Fire by Night’s vulnerability throughout the track speaks to millions of others who also suffer from mental health.

What immediately stands out to me about this song is the lyrics. The band does a brilliant job at highlighting the different viewpoints and raw conversations that people from different generations of life have on a daily basis relating to mental health. While many people from this generation are more open and accepting of mental health, often past generations are not as welcoming to others who suffer from mental health. The lyrics, while simple, help to showcase the complex and raw emotions that American society has about depression and anxiety.

Another aspect of the song that I love was the guitar courtesy of Chris Cleland. During the guitar solo at around 3:30, Cleland just let all of this build-up feeling made throughout the record go with one of the best guitar riffs that I have heard in a long time. Along with Cleland’s guitar skills comes the insanely gifted vocals of Kailee Maten. Maten has the ability to go from mezzo-Soprano to Soprano at a flip of a dime. Her voice is something truly remarkable.

Mental health is something that needs to be more widely accepted and talked about in our world. Fire By Night’s single “Obsessions” helps to push the conversation to more audiences with a beautiful and compelling song that will delight fans and move them to tears.

Make sure to stream "Obsessions" today on all music streaming platforms and consider purchasing your own copy from your preferred online music store. Follow Fire By Night on all their social media platforms to stay updated on all upcoming projects and shows.


Fire By Night are a hard rock band from Phoenix, Arizona.


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