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New Single: "Monsters" by Kat Saul

Motivational Muses Review | by Anastasia Logan

Released on: August 4, 2020

Cover Artwork by: Matt Blum | Samantha Hearn

"Monsters" explores navigating the unknown and fears of adulthood in a pop ballad that will resonate with many. Kat Saul is artist who draws into the sounds of the 90s in her music which can be found in her use of synths and reverb elements to create a timeless track.

Vocally, Saul has a touch of angst driving in the message of trying to manage the monsters of the adulthood. She speaks out about managing the bad days with mental illness and battling the monsters that have moved from under her bed into her head. Even though the content is heavy the instrumentation is anything but. Keeping everything upbeat and energetic makes this song a bop along track that can be played anywhere.

I think Saul did an amazing job with creating a pop track that taps into what is playing on the radio, but putting her specific flair to let everyone know she is someone to watch out for. "Monsters" is a dynamic track that brings awareness of how life is not always easy and that is okay. Give "Monsters" a listen today on all music streaming services and follow Kat Saul on all of her social media to stay updated on everything she is creating.


Kat Saul is an alt-pop singer-songwriter from Los Angeles, California.


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