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New Single: "Middle of the Night" by ØPALS

Motivational Muses Review | by: Christian Browne

Released on: January 29, 2021

The Philly-based pop artist, ØPALS shows that there is a light through the end of a dark tunnel with a breathtaking single. "Middle of the Night" is about singer/songwriter Ale Gibson and producer Nigel Seibert’s battle with a number of different mental health illnesses.

“Middle of the Night” does a marvelous job at giving hope to others through charming and captivating storytelling. Gibson’s openness and vulnerability are a standout for such a striking song. Something that draws me into “Middle of the Night” is the drumline in the song. This rhythmic beat is intoxicating and grants the listeners a sense of hope in the world. The instrumentals build upon each other in an unorthodox and lively way. This can be heard through the elegant way that the piano and beats come together in such harmony.

A key lyric of “Middle of the Night” is “my head is in the clouds and I feel alive”. Often when someone who has been through depression, tells about feeling like there is a cloud over their heads. By Gibson taking this feeling and singing about overcoming these thoughts and chasing their dream, it creates a significant impact for listeners who also have struggled with mental illness. These types of encouraging messages are something that most of the world needs especially with many others who are currently struggling.

“Middle of the Night” is a single that I could imagine me and my friends excitedly dancing to late at night at a local club in Philly. Even more than that, this song gives those who are battling through mental health hope that there are better days ahead. Anyone who listens to this song will hear that feeling of joy, hope, and wonder that is often felt by the millions of Philadelphians like myself who are chasing their dreams of a better future.


ØPALS is an alternative pop artist from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.


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