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New Single: "Lost Cause" by Paradas

Motivational Muses Review | by Antonio Gines

Released on: May 17, 2020

Leeds-based indie rock group, Paradas are at it again, releasing their new single, "Lost Cause"

Lead vocalist, Liam Schwegmann delivers an emotive vocal sound accompanied with a soulful rhythm by drummer, Danny Pash, lead guitarist, Matt Hanson, and bassist Cameron Maxwell. Their new single reminds listeners that indie rock is alive and rockin’!

Listening closely, new listeners can hear the band’s musical influences such as Foo Fighters in the baseline and drums, along with the vocal yearnings reminiscent of Kings of Leon’s signature guitar riffs and overall sound. It feels upbeat and super catchy, able to stick with them throughout the day, or should I say night, while still reclaiming a bit of melancholy in the lyrics. It’s a fun song to dance to or just listen when one is feeling some type of way-- especially when they're hitting the town out at night.

"Lost Cause" might be one of those songs that someone might find themselves in listening over and over again and humming along with. It seems that Paradas has put their heart and soul into it, possibly creating what could be considered a contemporary anthem for the lonely bar-hopping adventurer.

Give "Lost Cause" a listen today and make sure to follow Paradas on all social media to stay updated on all upcoming projects.


Paradas are an indie alternative band from Leeds, UK.



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