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New Single: "Howlin' Back" by Crown Lands

Motivational Muses Review | by Anastasia Logan

Released on May 14, 2020

Rock 'n' roll lives on in "Howlin' Back" the new single from the Canadian duo, Crown Lands. Everything about this track captures the power and impact of the rock 'n' roll era that will have music lovers of all ages captivated.

That classic electric guitar sound? Oh yeah it's here. Delivered by guitarist Kevin Comeau. Vocals that are insanely intense? Yup "Howlin' Back" has that too, courtesy of Cody Bowles. When I mean everything of this era I mean everything!These two have outdone themselves with this track. I am reminded of the classic sounds from AC/DC, Led Zeppelin and other iconic bands from that era. All strung together in this new track. Seriously, I would be surprised if anyone had a negative comment about what has been brought together this two minute masterpiece.

"Howlin' Back" was produced by Dave Cobb and creates an eerie atmosphere, thanks to the falsetto vocals alongside the instrumentation given by the guitar and drums. The purpose was too recreate a fear that may be felt while sharing ghost stories by a campfire. Every detail present in this track create climax that present a sense of derailment.

But wait there is more! Since Crown Lands are so kind hearted, they tacked on their other single, "Spit It Out" so we can all experience just how phenomenal this duo are.

"Howlin' Back" does a spectaclar job of bringing the classic rock sound of the 70s back into the present day. Crown Lands shows us that rock is truly timeless and is for everyone. Listen to "Howlin' Back" today and follow Crown Lands on all of their social media accounts to stay updated on all upcoming projects.


Crown Lands are a rock 'n' roll duo from Oshawa, Ontario.


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