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New Single "Home Remedy" by Sundressed

Motivational Muses Review | by Eli Agawu

Released on: May 15, 2020

Sundressed, an emotive punk band, have released their new single, “Home Remedy”, and it’s almost too relatable. This Arizona-based band has captured the anthem of the year when it comes to feeling unwell, and being frustrated about it.

The song’s very cheerful-sounding, instrumental-wise. In a peppy F# major key, a strong drumline supports the song. But the lyrics put out by Sundressed’s lead vocalist are brooding, desperate, and fed up. The pain can be sensed in the lyrics. But there is a hint of resolution to the pain with the lyrics “I’m usually fine” and “I guess there’s a reason I’m still here.” Almost as if to say, “life sucks sometimes but we’ll be okay.” Hopefully it’s not cynicism and a real reassurance for the proverbial “us”. 

This song quite literally is my anthem. There have been days where, as a living, breathing human being, I (and pretty much everybody else) have wondered what the hell was wrong with me, what was going on in my head. This song speaks directly to that, and the frustrations that can sometimes arise from coming forward. “Home Remedy” really does a brilliant job capturing the isolation and pain that people tend to feel sometimes. Especially with current events in today’s world, this song has a perfect place among every listener.

“Home Remedy” is the moody punk anthem we (definitely) knew we needed. The vocals are smashing, the instrumentals are amazing, and the message is familiar. This brand-new single can be found on all music streaming services. Give it a listen, and get called out yourself.

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Sundressed are a punk rock band from Tempe, Arizona.


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