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New Single: "Hindsight" by House Parties

Motivational Muses Review | by: Anastasia Logan

Released on: February 5, 2021

Cover Artwork by: Daniel Hambright

Ever heard a song and immediately feel like a badass? If not, then consider giving "Hindsight" the debut single from House Parties a listen! This dynamic track is absolutely therapeutic for those who have been betrayed by someone dear to them.

Vocalist Chaney Elaine does not hold back! Every verse is delivered with a powerful punch that makes listeners want to scream along at the top of their lungs. Dynamic riffs and drums keep the momentum in place that reflect the emotional impact this track holds.

I have always been a fan of pop punk because it allowed me to have a musical escape to the stresses of life. "Hindsight" had the same moment of emotional release for me. Sometimes problems are solved by screaming songs as loudly as possible and the feeling of escape is one of my favorite factors of this track.

"Hindsight" is a track that encapluates the feeling no longer accepting the negativity presented by others. This track lets listeners know it's okay to speak up and move themselves from situations that are no longer positive.

Give "Hindsight" a listen today on any music streaming platform. Make sure to follow House Parties on all of their social media to stay updated on all upcoming projects!


House Parties are a pop punk band form Denton, Texas.


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