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New Single: "Hiding" by Parrotfish

Motivational Muses Review | by Eli Agawu

Released on: May 1, 2020

Parrotfish’s new single, “Hiding”, brings together ambient guitar riffs and strong vocals to create the perfect summer bop. Released by this Tampa Bay-originating music group on May 1st, this hot new single gives off serious playtime vibes. 

The song employs heavy use of guitar runs throughout, giving the song a bit of a wild and reckless tone. Vocals from Matty Rodriguez, bassist and Conor Lynch, guitarist, bulk the song up with their heavy-handed, heated voices. “Hiding” is pleasing on the ears, albeit seemingly defiantly so.

Personally, I found this song easy to vibe to. On one end, I can get lost in the instrumentals and the waves they carry to the listener. Honestly, it’s just so well-orchestrated that it’s easy to forget about lyrics. On the opposite end, focusing on the lyrics gave me an inside perspective of the cynicism and slight anger that the vocals are giving off. In the center, both aspects of the song blend to give you a summery, fiery tune. It feels fitting for both a fun and an annoyed emotional climate, which can only add to the appeal. 

“Hiding” gives listeners the throwback grunge voice, while staying relevant with alive, spritely instrumentals. A brilliant addition to the band’s musical portfolio, this song is further proof that Parrotfish is here, and they aren’t going anywhere. Anybody interested in being their own judge can find Parrotfish’s new single “Hiding” on Spotify. 

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Parrotfish are an alternative rock band from Tampa, Florida.


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