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New Single "Hey Man" by Rain on Fridays

Motivational Muses Review | by: Anastasia Logan

Released on: March 5, 2021

Cover Artwork by: Helen A. Westra

Being in a male-dominated industry is a constant battle of having to prove worth for the sake of others' "approval." Enough is enough! Rain on Fridays works to dispel this expectation in their latest single, "Hey Man."

In true Rain on Fridays fashion, they get to the point with an alt-rock flair and a hint of nonchalance. Together, vocalist Madison Coe and guitarist Jessie Miller draw listeners in with a peek into an inner dialogue. Coe shares woes about confrontation and choosing to steer clear, but not without asking the question, "were you talking to me?"

Seconds later, Coe decides confrontation is always the best option. A tempo increase dials up the intensity and amplifies a sense of frustration from the artists. Seriously, no one likes an asshole! Listeners feel a sense of relief as Coe and Miller come together to tell off annoying men through the power of music.

"Hey Man" is a big f- you to all the men with an unhealthy sense of entitlement and a reminder to call out BS, always! Make sure to give "Hey Man" a listen on all music streaming platforms and follow Rain on Fridays to stay updated on all upcoming projects.


Rain on Fridays are a female-fronted alternative rock band duo from San Diego, California.


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