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New Single: "Garden" by Meet Me @ The Altar

Motivational Muses Review | by Christian Browne

Released on: May 15, 2020

Cover Artwork by: Matthew Draeger

Is there anyway that we can revive Warped Tour one more time in 2021? “Garden”, the new single by Meet Me @ The Altar, would have my friends and me battling it out in the pit. This track is one that everyone at summer festivals would go crazy for!

The first thing that drew me into was the instrumentation from lead guitarist Tea Campbell. The pure aggression from the guitar punched me and it has the dirtiness that make can anyone fall in love with pop punk. The drums manage to stand out on their own while highlighting the energy that comes from the vocals and guitars.

Edith Johnson voice is ridiculously good! She perfectly balances the aggressiveness and rawness in her voice to give a standout performance. Her ability to change vocal range with ease from mids to highs so quickly is truly remarkable. This variation she can deliver brings everything together in amazing harmony!

Meet Me @ The Altar is a badass band. Pop punk has been led by talented women from the beginning like Patti Smiths and many others. This track would make these women proud to see what is being created in this new era of pop punk. “Garden” is a song that will be played at every college punk party house parties. I cannot wait to see them perform "Garden" at a festival on the East Coast one day.

Listen to "Garden" all music streaming platforms and make sure to follow Meet Me @ The Altar on all social media to stay updated on all upcoming projects.


Meet Me @ The Altar are a pop punk band from the East Coast.


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