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New Single: "Drive" by Sink In

Motivational Muses Review | by Anastasia Logan

Released on: July 30, 2019

Single Cover Artwork by: garner

Summer has been blessed once again with the release of "Drive" from Sink In. Combining high energy instrumentals with heavy lyrics and melodic vocals this single will have listeners either bopping along, staring out the window in deep contemplation, or maybe a bit of both. "Drive" highlights the need to get away from the overwhelming situations of life and just be on the open road.

The upbeat introduction shifts to be softer once the verse begins then becomes more intense and authoritative in the chorus. This pattern outlines how someone is acknowledging what they are feeling or experiencing but making a decision to take time for themselves. A brief period of reflection helps bring this single to an end before coming in full circle and ending on a high note.

"Drive" can be an anthem for any day or any mood. Either rock out or take a pause and step back. Wherever this song fits into a daily routine give it a listen and get a sense of it's message and versatility.


Sink In is a pop/rock band from Los Angeles, California.


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