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New Single "Don't Hold Back" by Last Minet

Motivational Muses Review | by: Anastasia Logan

Released on: April 2, 2021

Most everyone knows about the iconic early 2000s pop-punk sound. There was angst, reverb, and unforgettable guitar riffs that defined a whole generation of young pop-punkers. Last Minet brings this iconic sound back with their single "Don't Hold Back."

Honestly, emotions can be freaking terrifying! More often than not, the easiest option is holding them back in order to function on a daily basis. Last Minet says no more! Vocalist and guitarist Zuri Fadul and drummer Jovanna Cedeno drive this point home while understanding the roadblocks that can occur for someone to reach a true point of vulnerability. Even if that isn't an option right now, just playing this track brings a kick of tough love that brings a sense of comfort.

There truly isn't one thing I dislike about this track—their ability to adopt a true 2000s era sound seamlessly speaks to their musicianship and creativity. If I were Avril Lavigne, I would have this song on blast 24/7. Even though I am not her, I will have this song on blast 24/7! I mean, who doesn't want to be reminded of one of the greatest eras of music?!

Back to the point, Last Minet is a dynamic duo who have been going full speed ahead since the release of this track in April. Since then, they've released two new tracks, "All In (Acoustic Version)" and, most recently, "Take Over The World." I know they have more to share with the music world!

Don't miss out! Give "Don't Hold Back" a listen on all music streaming platforms and make sure to follow Last Minet on all their socials to stay updated on all upcoming projects.


Last Minet is a female pop-punk duo from New Jersey.


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